Sunday, October 19, 2014

Editorial: Iraq the never-ending rerun

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced that her government would be sending 200 "elite troops" into Iraq.  New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key is considering a similar move.

Meanwhile there's little attention of the US military involvement despite the fact that Luis Martinez (ABC News) reported last week the cost of the bombings of Iraq and Syria had reached $424 million after a little over two months.

Pretend for a moment the campaign doesn't expand.  US President Barack Obama has already declared it could last three years (or longer).  If it lasts three years?  That's approximately $15 billion dollars.

Barack's 'plan' is a joke and brings neither peace nor unity to Iraq -- except the unity that an ongoing, US-led bombing will eventually unite all Iraqis against the United States.

CodeStink rubbed their tired vaginas back and forth across the carpet while harping on Hillary last week.  As usual, the anti-women women though this passed for peace work.

Oh, for the day when Medea Benjmain's led away in a straight jacket.

Barack remained unprotested.

CodeStink has trouble calling out a sitting president, you understand.

Bravery has never been their strong suit.

In the meantime, Barack has made clear he will out War Hawk even Bully Boy Bush.

Last week, Peter Certo (Other Words) observed:

If Barack Obama owes his presidency to one thing, it was the good sense he had back in 2002 to call the Iraq War what it was: “dumb.”

Now, with scarcely a whisper of debate, Obama has become the fourth consecutive U.S. president to bomb Iraq — and in fact has outdone his predecessors by spreading the war to Islamic State targets in Syria as well. With the Pentagon predicting that this latest conflict could rage for three years or longer, Obama is now poised to leave behind a Middle East quagmire that closely resembles the one he was elected to end.

And he'll have done so with the complicit CodeStink who long ago elected to stay silent on Barack's War Crimes.

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