Sunday, September 07, 2014

From The TESR Test Kitchen

If you didn't get how sexist Marvel has become under Disney (Disney bought Marvel in 2009), check out the tie-in with FLIPZ.

With what?

Yeah, we were in the dark too.  Mike first found these repeatedly in gas stations in Hawaii.

The rest of us had to look a little harder.

FLIPZ is -- excuse us, FLIPZ "are chocolate covered pretzels which "contain Milk, Soy and Wheat products.  They are also all produced on equipment that also processes nuts" and they are also "OU certified Kosher."

You know what X-Men are, right?

In the comics, they are male and female mutants who fight for the innocent.  Before Disney bought Marvel, they were that on the big screen too -- the first three X-Men films required the work of Storm, Jean Grey, Rogue and Kitty Pride.  The X-Men film that was released this year, X-Men: Days Of Future Past, the one FLIPZ has a tie-in with?  The women were glorified extras.

Kitty Pride did nothing but stand next to/over Wolverine the entire movie as she projected him into the past.  This despite that the fact that Kitty went into the past herself when this same plot was used in the comics.

Instead Wolverine goes into the past and finds only men plus evil mutant Mystique (she was in the first three X-Men films but she actually did things in those films).

For the tie-in FLIPZ came up with four flavors: Wolverine White Fudge, Mutant Milk Chocolate, Magneto Dark Chocolate and Mystique Chocolate Mint.  We could not find the Mystique flavor anywhere.  Mike and Elaine tried the Magneto flavor in Hawaii and were "hugely" unimpressed.

"I love dark chocolate," Elaine notes, "and my favorite candy bar in the last five years has consistently been Milky Way Dark.  But the Magneto Dark Chocolate did not mix well with the pretzels and it was kind of weak -- a kind of dark-milk chocolate taste as opposed to a true dark chocolate."

We all tried Mutan Milk Chocolate and Wolverine White Fudge.

Mutant Milk Chocolate?

Avoid at all costs.

At first, Jim, Jess, Dona and Ty thought they'd just gotten a stale batch (shouldn't be possible; FLIPZ asserts their product is good for 10 months after hitting the shelves).  But that was San Francisco.  Did a stale batch also go to Boston?  To Westport?  To Hawaii?  To . . .

Mutant Milk Chocolate blows.  Avoid it.

Wolverine White Fudge?

This is actually excellent.

Not 'by comparison.'

All on its own, this is a great snack.

Yes, we're Wolverine fans but that's not influencing our praise -- any more than the fact that each package features 8 men and only 1 woman is influencing our negative appraisals.

If you get the change, we highly recommend Wolverine White Fudge.

To try to locate it -- or any of the other three flavors -- you can click here.

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