Sunday, September 28, 2014

Editorial: Scrambled Iraq

With The Common Ills hammering away for two weeks now on the White House's failure to work the diplomatic side in Iraq, to offer only military responses, Barack and company have slowly realized they need to beef up their game.

The State Dept goal this week is to work on the Cabinet, to work the new Cabinet ministers, to establish relationships and curry favors.

Yeah, that should have been done about 28 days ago.

But it's what they have to do now.

Have to do?

Well they can't focus on Parliament.

Yes, that's where the focus should be.

That's where new prime minister Haider al-Abadi's nominations for Minister of Defense and Minister o the Interior have been buried.

But focusing on the Parliament is a no-go this week and most of next.

Parliament's on vacation and won't be back in session until October.

It's one of those events a functioning White House would have prepared for.

See, it's the religious holiday of Eid.

It takes place every year.

Does no one in the White House own a calendar?

Apparently not.

And as Barack's bombings in Iraq continue to lose their shock value, the failure of the White House to work the diplomatic side becomes even more appalling.

The Common Ills has rightly noted Bully Boy Bush's surge was a failure.  It failed because additional US troops were sent into Iraq to address the violence and create a space for Iraq to find a political solution.

Barack's insisted Iraq needs a political solution.

But like Bully Boy Bush, Barack focused on military responses and forgot to work on political solutions.

Instead of helping, his plan has scrambled Iraq yet again.

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