Sunday, June 15, 2014

Who should the drones be turned on now?

Nouri al-Maliki, chief thug and prime minister of Iraq, wants US President Barack Obama to provide him with drones.


The killer drones would be used to murder Iraqis.

Some might be guilty of something.  But even the best cases have left innocent civilians dead and wounded.

So maybe when using drones, there's another answer?

Maybe from this day forward, those leaders using drones or requesting drones should be killed by drones?

If those, like Nouri, so quick to call for drones, were to become the actual victims of drone attacks, they might grasp -- in their dying moments -- how drones are not the answer.

Of course, this kind of karma would eventually mean US leaders would, themselves, be subject to drone attacks.

Would such a possibility make world leaders a little less quick to resort to violence?  A little more understanding and aware of the risks civilians around the world face?

We'll most likely never know because the leaders will continue to deploy drones and at no expense or risk to their own safety.

As always, the people of the world won't be so lucky.

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