Sunday, June 29, 2014

The spanking of a president

You're not supposed to do that
You know you're not allowed to
But you seem to get some kind of kick
Out of doing what you're not allowed to
You deliberately defy the rules
'cause the law's upheld by fools
S**t on that
Bad boys get spanked

-- "Bad Boys Get Spanked," written by Chrissie Hynde, first appears on Pretenders II

Bad boys get spanked, as US President Barack Obama learned the hard way last week.

The Supreme Court pantsed him, pulled him over the lap and gave him a hard spanking before parking him in the corner.


"Obama loses court showdown" proclaimed the front page of USA Today's weekend edition with a report by Richard Wolf.

What happened was Barack attempted to put three people on the National Labor Relations Board that he couldn't get confirmed by the Senate.  He declared the Senate to be in recess and placed the three on the Board as recess appointments.

The Supreme Court begged to differ.  Unanimously, the Court found that the Senate was not in recess and that the appointments were unconstitutional.

It was a resounding defeat for Barack.

He was spotted walking around the White House for days after rubbing his butt and saying, "Ouchie."

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