Sunday, June 22, 2014

Editorial: Swatting a War Hawk with facial tissues

I am the war hawk you have been waiting for

[Illustration is Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "I Am The War Hawk You Have Been Waiting For."]

The craven showed their true natures all last week.

No fool like an old fool Tom Hayden stumbled into the public square insisting that US President Barack Obama was being forced to take 'action' (violent action) in Iraq.

Call the FBI!

Someone's blackmailing Barack!

In fact, maybe it's not really Barack.  Maybe it's a shape shifter from True Blood!

Tom Hayden's wacky conspiracy theories may be drug-induced or dementia-induced, but they're far, far from reality.

There's a house there, somebody's waiting
Somebody else's arms will wrap around him
When I can't touch him 
Maybe my love could fly over the ocean
Maybe my heart should try to leave him alone
All that I really know is that he's goin'
Too far from Texas
Too close to home 
-- "Too Far From Texas," written by Steve Booker and Sandy Stewart, first appears on Stevie Nicks' Trouble in Shangri-La.

Poor Tom Hayden.  "Somebody else's arms will wrap around" Barack.  Tom's still crushing hard on Barack and Tom just took a Cialis and has no garage to park his mini-medicated boner.

Lost in his lustful fantasies and secret stash of   Romance books, Tom Hayden's of no use to anyone.

He's kind of like Iraq Veterans Against the War.

You get who they are, right?

Seems sort of obvious.  They're Iraq Veterans (well, some of them are) who are Against the War.

That's rather basic.

Or it should be.

IVAW, however, is confused.

Thursday, Barack announced more US troops were being sent to Iraq and IVAW responded with a strongly worded statement opposing --

Oh, wait.

They didn't.

Tuesday, before the latest announcement, they issued this weak-assed statement:

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) – an organization comprised of individuals who served or continue to serve in the US Military following September 11, 2001 – calls on Congress, the President, and his administration to reject the use of violence and militarism in response to the current outbreak of violence in Iraq.
Many of our members deployed to Iraq during the recent US occupation. Those of us who were there know first hand that US military solutions in Iraq do not serve the interests of the Iraqi people. We advocate for the self-determination of all people, in this case the people of Iraq. Any solution to this crisis must come from them.
When the United States invaded and occupied Iraq, the formerly secular country was destabilized. The United States and the Department of Defense intentionally created and agitated sectarian divisions that would not have otherwise existed. The result of this is what we see today, and Iraqi civilians are paying for it.
Iraqis have been paying with their lives for this war since March 2003. After 10 years of US occupation they were left with little relief. Their economic infrastructure was destroyed and new work to repair it has been awarded to US corporations and contractors, instead of to Iraqis. Iraqi labor unions face frequent retaliation, and an entire generation of children has been born with severe birth defects in places like Hawija. No one has been held to account. No effort has been made to clean the waste left behind.
When it comes to arming “freedom fighters” the US has a tendency to act as a fair-weather friend; today’s freedom fighter becomes tomorrow’s terrorist and justification to pursue an illegal invasion. Instead of creating more chaos, we should be solving the problems that already exist. Instead of installing another puppet president, the United States should be cleaning up environmental contamination, investigating allegations of torture, and allowing democracy to blossom in both government and labor, without US intervention.

What delicate little flowers they are.

Composing that weak-ass statement left them all tuckered out.

That's the closest the little tykes ever got to calling out Barack.

Hey, remember 2008, when Barack punked IVAW?

Remember, they were upset and they were getting media attention because they might launch a DNC protest but then Barack sent a flunky out to give them a lot of empty words -- pretty sounding empty words.

And when the little tykes learned they'd been punked, Barack had already left Denver and the press no longer cared about IVAW's possible protest.

That was the turning point, when IVAW became the never ending joke that it is today.

Did someone say fake ass?

US House Rep. Barbara Lee, come on down!

Lee's never had the spine to stand up to Barack, not once.

She's just another temple whore in the Cult of St. Barack.

She proved that with her ridiculous bills.

She's not trying to stop Barack's Iraq actions, she just wants to modify them a little.

She wants to tack some training wheels onto the mission.

Because temple whores get nasty, they just don't get ethical.

Phyllis Bennis showed more courage last week than IVAW, Lee and Hayden combined.

 A.N.S.W.E.R. also showed conviction.

Sadly, too many were still serving the War Hawk, unable to break free from him, unable to speak up for the Iraqi people because they can't even speak up for themselves.

Cowering in silence and weakness, they have little to offer anyone.

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