Sunday, June 01, 2014

And Disney Created Sexism . . .

Wanna explain how you go from this in 2000 . . .

to this in 2014?

How you go from an X-Men that features strong and active women involved in the storylines like Storm, Jean Grey and Rogue as well as Mystique to a 2014 embarrassment where Storm's an extra who dies without even getting a hero's death scene?

Where Kitty Pride is reduced to nothing?

X-Men: Days of Future Past is based on the earlier comic and in the comice it was Kitty who was sent back in time to save the mutants.  In the film, it's Wolverine and Kitty doesn't go with.  No, she just stands by his body throughout the film with her hands on either side of his head.

Rogue and Jean Grey?  They're in the tacked on ending to the film.  And at least Jean gets lines.  We don't even hear from Rogue.


Rebecca Romijn played her as an active villain in charge of her destiny.

Jennifer Lawrence plays her as a simpering victim throwing a tantrum.  (Lawrence isn't helped by a script that turns Mystique into a pawn for Charles and Magneto to fight over.)

Women are useless in the latest installment.

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And drop back to December to read our "Movies: Are they all the Invisible Woman?" -- when we first called out this film for its lack of women.

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