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This is from Sherwood Ross.
By Sherwood Ross
Far from being killed by "lone gunman" Lee Harvey Oswald, President John F. Kennedy(JFK) was mowed down by a veritable firing squad of assassins.
At least nine, and possibly as many as 12, Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) employees participated in JFK's assassination, an authoritative new book on the subject charges. Not only was Oswald NOT one of the shooters but he was a patriotic American who in the weeks previous to JFK's slaying, warned the FBI of a plot to kill the president in Chicago.
JFK was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963, by shooters from the CIA, the Mafia, and by an aide to Vice President Lyndon Johnson(LBJ). It was LBJ who, the new book says, organized the president's murder. Shooters were stationed in six different nests in the Dealey Plaza area of Dallas, positioned to fire on the Kennedy motorcade. The CIA played the lead role in an operation organized by then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. President Kennedy never had a chance.
High government officials, including FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover, as well as prominent Mafia thugs and Texas business magnates, played key roles in the financing, shooting and/or the Dallas cover-up, according to military writer and lawyer Navy Lt. Cmdr. James D. Norvell, J.D., late of Ft. Worth, Tex. At least 26 individuals were involved in one capacity or another in JFK's assassination.
LBJ and Hoover also played key roles in the assassinations of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.(MLK) on April 4, 1968, and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy(RFK) on June 6, 1968. In all three assassinations, "patsy's" such as Lee Harvey Oswald, charged with the murder of JFK, were set up to take the blame for those who did the actual killings. Innocent of the killing of RFK was Sirhan Sirhan as James Earl Ray was innocent of the slaying of Rev. King, and as Oswald was also innocent of the murder of JFK and Dallas police officer J.D. Tippitt.
CIA officials reportedly were furious at JFK's refusal to provide needed air and naval support for their invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs on April 17, 1961, and JFK's subsequent remarks that he planned to destroy the CIA, "break it into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds."
In addition to his role in the three assassinations, Norvell charges that LBJ had a number of other persons killed, including a Department of Agriculture investigator.
Norvell spent 13 years researching the book up until the time of his death last December. An Annapolis graduate in 1964, Norvell served three tours of duty in Viet Nam and afterwards earned a law degree with honors from George Washington University.
Upon resigning his naval commission, he worked as a trial lawyer for 30 years, including as the attorney for LBJ aide Billie Sol Estes, and won a number of major cases. His book is titled, "Treason, Treachery & Deceit: The Murderers of JFK, MLK & RFK."
Book Names CIA Killers and Conspirators Of JFK Assassination (Pages 293-299.)
(1) In charge of the hit teams was Major General Edward Lansdale, a CIA Black Ops expert, who, just before the killing, asked James Files(2), aged 21, formerly U.S. Army, and a CIA sharpshooter on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, "Is everything in place?"
(3) Jim Braden, a CIA "spotter" for Mafia sharpshooter Charles Nicoletti. (Spotters back up the shooters and afterwards work to conceal the evidence.)
(4) David Atlee Phillips, a.k.a. Maurice Bishop, head of the Mexico City CIA station, who supplied Files with one of the rifles used to fire at JFK.
(5) CIA marksman David Sanchez Morales, who shot from the roof of the County Records Building, and was possibly the best of the CIA snipers.
(6) William K. Harvey, known inside the CIA as "James Bond" for his specialty of assassination. He was head of the CIA's Berlin Operations Base and was assigned operations control of the entire JFK execution.
(7) E. Howard Hunt, one of the three "tramps" arrested at Dealey Plaza, a CIA agent later to gain notoriety for his role in Watergate. 
(8) Frank Sturgis, another of the tramps and later Watergate conspirator, who brought weapons to the assassination site.
(9) Rip Robertson, CIA contract killer.
In addition, the Norvell book identifies "probable" members of the CIA hit teams to include:
(10) Felix Rodriguez, Cuban exile and known CIA assassin.
(11) Orlando Bosch, known CIA assassin.
(12) Freddy Lugo, CIA contract assassin.
The business executives financing the operation called themselves the 8-F Group. (The group was formed in the 1940s to promote the interests of the Southwest, particularly Texas, and named for its original meeting place, a suite in Houston's Lamar Hotel.)
The Book Names Non-CIA Conspirators in JFK Assassination
Crime syndicate figures involved, Norvell wrote, included (13) Marshall Caifano, of the Chicago crime syndicate, probably the shooter from the South Grassy Knoll. Sam Giancana, the Chicago crime boss, is said to have induced underlings (14)John Rosselli, (15)Charles Nicoletti, and (16)Richard Cain, to also join the hit teams. The assassination was also supported by Carlos Marcello, New Orleans crime boss. Other shooters likely included:
(17) Gary Eugene Marlow, a friend of Files, said to have shot officer Tippitt outside the Texas Theater.
(18) Malcolm E. Wallace, LBJ's personal hit man who killed at least seven other persons for him. His fingerprints were found on boxes in the "sniper's nest" at the southeast corner of the sixth floor of the Texas State Book Depository(TSBD). The book charges Wallace murdered those LBJ wanted killed: Henry Marshall, George Krutilek, Harold Orr, Ike Rogers, Coleman Wade, Josefa Johnson, (the president's sister,) and John Kinser, as well as JFK. (See below.)
(19) Financing the assassination were Texas oil magnates, H.L. Hunt, Syd Richardson(20), and Clint Murchison(21), who hosted a meeting to finalize assassination plans in his home just before the assassination.
(22) FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, was probably the "main coverup man," Norvell writes, providing false stories to protect the real killers. 
Also complicit(Page 297) were four Secret Service agents on duty that day, notably: Roy Kellerman, Assistant Special Agent in Charge(23); Gerald Behn, Chief of the White House Secret Service detail(24);  Floyd Boring, Assistant Special Agent in Charge(25);  and Emory Roberts, Secret Service Shift Leader(26). The group managed to get the Dallas police to cut their motorcycle escort in half, to keep the accompanying motorcycles behind the presidential limousine; and to stop the motorcade when shots were fired, giving the snipers a stationary target. 
Henry Marshall: Agriculture Department investigator Marshall, 52, was examining LBJ aide Billie Sol Estes's cotton allotments.
George Krutilek: Billie Sol Estes's CPA, was found dead in the desert near Clint, Tex., two days after being interviewed by the FBI.
Josefa Johnson: LBJ's alcoholic sister, was killed Christmas Eve, 1961, by Mac Wallace with an overdose of barbiturates. 
Harold Orr, president of Superior Manufacturing Co., of Amarillo, and tied to Estes, just before starting to serve his prison sentence, was found dead in his garage of carbon monoxide inhalation.
Howard Pratt, Chicago office manager of Commercial Solvents, Estes's fertilizer supplier, also was found dead in his car as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Coleman Wade, an Estes associate of Altus, Okla., and a target of a U.S. government investigation into Estes, died in a mysterious plane crash near Kermit, Tex.
The book, "Treason, Treachery, and Deceit: The Murderers of JFK, MLK & RFK" by James D. Norvell, may be ordered through, Barnes and Noble, e-books, and nook books, among others.
The book has been widely acclaimed and endorsed, including by military writers. Brig. Gen. John H. Grubbs, Ret., PhD, who refers to it as "a spellbinding masterpiece." Douglas Horne, former Chief Analyst for Military Records of the Assassination Records Review Board, writes, "Mr. Norvell does not pull any punches and does not sugarcoat the assassination in any way." And Barr McClellan, author of "How LBJ Killed JFK," and former law partner of LBJ attorney Ed Clark, praises Norvell "for bringing us nearer to the solution to the most horrific crime in American History, horrific for what it did to one man and his family, horrific for what it did to America, and horrific for the failure of the authorities to mete out justice."
On the book's cover is the following statement: "This historical novel solves all three murders and refutes government propaganda." The book is 585 pages in length.

(This news release prepared by media consultants Sherwood Ross Associates, consultants to book publishers including those publishing this book. Reach Sherwood Ross at or write to him in care of Ross Associates, 102 S.W. 6th Avenue, Miami, FL, 33130. Phone: (305) 205-8281.)

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