Sunday, February 09, 2014

Who is it?

Every week, we use our cell phones, digital cameras and tablets to snap photos hoping to have something we can use here.

Believe it or not, we started this site with no illustrations.  Then we started to use Isaiah's comics, then we spent forever painting our own illustrations and going through 19th century and early 20th century magazines for illustrations and you name it.  And screen snaps and . . .

The bulk of today's photos never make it here.

About 1% or maybe .05% of the photos make it up here.

That's an accidental photo.

It wasn't supposed to be taken.

But we saw it as we uploaded our various devices onto the laptop we use just for photos.

So who is it?

It's Jess.

And you may be thinking, "Man, he's going bald early."

Actually, Jess took this photo.

Did he use a mirror to take a photo of the back of his head?


That's actually his knee cap.

When we were going through the photos, Dona asked, "What is this?  Who is this?  Is there a story behind this bald man?"

No one, including Jess, realized 'who' it was.

Ty opens the properties to see when it was taken and on what device and we figure out it was Jess' photo.  He stares at it for about 30 more seconds before he realizes and explains to us it's his knee cap.

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