Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013's Dupe Of The Year

Communist Henry Lowendorf is just another Barack Obama fan boy.

Henry fronts the US Peace Council -- a dupe front group.

Henry got confronted in October on his faux peace group's silence on Iraq:

How is it that Iraq doesn't even make your website.

You're clearly ignorant of the fact that since the drawdown (falsely portrayed as a withdrawal), Obama has sent more US troops into Iraq.  You're ignorant despite the fact that it happened before the 2012 presidential debates started.

Your ignorance allowed it not to be addressed in the debates.  

Your ignorance also includes the military agreement that Iraq and the US signed in December 2012.

The Iraq War continues, the monthly death tolls have increased.  US forces are training Maliki's deadly SWAT teams -- the ones responsible for killing over 50 people at a sit-in last April -- including 8 children.

8 children.  UNCIEF can issue a statement but you can't find time to cover it.

The only person doing the work of late is C.I. of The Common Ills.

You're just whoring while hiding behind 'peace.'  When you stop whoring and start fighting imperialism, let me know.

That was sent by our own Ann.

And Communist Henry tried to joke his way out of it in a weak ass reply.

The only joke is you, Henry.

As Jamal Doumani (Arab News) points out:

To add to the mix, in a fit of collective amnesia, the American people, along with their media pundits, have opted to altogether forget Iraq, forget that they had fought there for almost nine years, at a heavy cost to them in life and treasure. As Chas Freeman, the former US ambassador to the Kingdom has said, on more than one occasion, “We did not invade Iraq, we invaded the Iraq of our dreams.”

The dying continues in Iraq and Henry and his organzation ignore it.

That makes them the joke, the sick joke.

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