Sunday, November 03, 2013

Why we hate Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is irritating these days with their advertising -- like Dr. Oz's weight loss programs.  Seriously, he couldn't keep Oprah thin but we're supposed to trust his program works?

That and many other things are irritating.

But that's now why we hate Yahoo.

The Sunnyvale, California company founded in 1994 really has very few excuses for being so bad when it comes to security.

We're not talking about passwords.

We're talking about attempts to breach your account.




All three of those e-mails claim to be from Yahoo.

None of them are.  They were sent from these accounts:,,

The "click here" requests will, if you click on them, allow the person to see your data and take control of your computer.

This is not "SPAM."

For two years now, we've hit "SPAM" because that's the only option.

That Yahoo does not have a button to report these attempts to trick people and hijack their computers is the reason we really hate Yahoo Mail these days.

It's past time that Yahoo created a new button to hit that would report these issues.  Possibly a button that read "SECURITY."

That's especially true when they're hosting someone trying to break into your computer -- chantmjohn, for example, is a Yahoo e-mail account.  It's one that should be immediately shut down by Yahoo because it's being used in attempts to hijack people's information.

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