Sunday, November 17, 2013

From The TESR Test Kitchen


In the early '00s, you could eat jelly and stock up on drinking glasses.

Those of us in college at the time lived by Bama.  Whether it was red plum or basic grape, the jelly was sugary and fun and, most of all, when you finished the jar, you had a drinking glass.

So maybe sometimes, cramming for finals, you grabbed the big table spoon and went to town on the jelly right out of the jar, you got a drinking glass when the jar was empty.

We'd forgotten those days until reader Joanie e-mailed to say she just moved out of the dorms into her own place and wanted some tips?  We immediately told her, "Go buy four jars of Bama jelly right now."

She wrote back, "Why?"

Wasn't it obvious?

We went to the grocery store and what the hells?

Bama is no longer in drinking glasses.  It is in jars.

And, for the longest, we couldn't find anything to suggest.

We  finally have something.


Blackburns Preserves.

You won't get the normal glass, but you will get mugs.

And the apricot is currently our favorite flavor though we also love peach and red plum.

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