Sunday, September 01, 2013

TESR Investigates: Evidence of Chemical Weapons Found


Appearing this morning on CBS' Face The Nation, Secretary of State John Kerry insisted samples had been found!

We appreciated his being forthcoming on the matter because we too had already found proof of the use of chemical weapons.  The evidence was clear and inarguable.

Only 1.3 ng/kg of the toxin is needed for a lethal dose.  And these chemicals can be found all over the world including, yes, in the United States.

The chemical in question is botulinum toxin.

The Secretary is clearly aware of it, we realized, as we watched his immovable, wax like face. Apparently, Kerry is now incapable of raising his eyebrows after injections of botulinum toxin -- better known as botox.

Hopefully, Kerry will be forthcoming about where he obtained the chemicals and lead a team of UN inspectors across the country, revealing the various safe houses and clinics botox is being hidden in.

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