Sunday, September 08, 2013

From The TESR Test Kitchen

Labor Day.  A time for relaxation, a time for fun and, as reader Brita noted in an e-mail, a time to try new alcoholic products.

Brita and friends were partying at the lake and stopped at the liquor store.  What she wanted was margaritas.  But they had no mixer and, anyway, no electrical outlet at the beach.  So she tried Bartles and Jaymes Margarita wine coolers.

bartles and james

She wondered if we could put them through the test kitchen.

Brita must really hate us.

This has to be, hands down, the worst booze in the world.  Thunderbird tastes better than this.

What does B and J Margarita wine coolers taste like?

Like someone pissed in a bottle with a twist-off cap and then squeezed a slice of lime into it before putting the cap back on.

In fact, this was so bad, we actually drank more than one, sure that after our taste buds had adjusted, we would taste an improvement.


We will say this for the product, it didn't get worse.  It just stayed as awful the second time around as it had been at the start.

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