Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Hate Merchant of Twitter

88-year-old Lila Garrett has found a new outlet to peddle her hate: Twitter.

Can an elderly crank and new media converge?

Yes, and it's very, very ugly.

  • Trayvon Martin is dead and so is justice. Their killer is a racist who was set free by a jury of 6 white women. Inequality won again.

  • Leave it to a pushy, White, New Yorker (where Lila hails from) to spew so many lies.

    Tryavon Martin is dead.  She got that right.  Justice isn't dead.  In fact, it's got more life in it than Lila has in her.  The jury considered the evidence presented.  That's what they ruled on.

    George Zimmerman has never been proven to be a racist but when you're an old woman who has turned on your Jewish faith, hates the whole world and has nothing to live for while clinging on to each day, you really need to spew your hate and Lila spews non-stop.

    A jury of six White women?

    More lies from Lila.

    In fact, that's what she should call her sad radio program: More Lies From Lila.

    It would certainly explain her nonstop worship of Barack Obama while she claims to be opposed to war and opposed to corporatism and so much more.

    But nothing explains why KPFK continues to allow her to lie on the public airwaves.

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