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90 years ago, Marlene Dietrich made her first film, The Little Napoleon.  It was the first of 55 films she'd make (56 if you count Im Schatten des Glucks which some maintain was Dietrich's 1919 film debut).

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1930's Blue Angel (filmed in German and English) was a crowning point of her early career.  Later that year, she traveled to America in 1930 and, with the film, Morocco, kicked off a series of film classics in English.


These included Shanghai Express, Blonde Venus, Desire, Destry Rides Again, Kismet, Billy Wilder's A Foreign Affair and Witness for the Prosecution,  Orson Welles' Touch of Evil, Alfred Hitchcock's Stage Fright. and Fritz Lang's Rancho Notorious.  Her final film acting role (non-cameo) was in 1961's Judgment at Nuremberg.

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A decade prior, she'd begun performing live and this would be her professional focus on through the seventies.

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Dietrich passed away in 1992.  Even today, she remains famous for her acting, charisma, USO work during WWII,  her relationship with Otto Katz,  her many affairs with men and women and always for her cheekbones.

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