Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer TV worth watching

Next Sunday (the 29th), the hit TV show CBS tried to cancel returns.  Too popular to cancel, Unforgettable returns with Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh and Jane Curtain.


'Oh, yeah.  I heard about that show.  It's where the red head detective has the memory thing, she can remember everything, right?  Meant to check it out but never found time.'

Well you're in luck because, right now, ahead of the second season debut, CBS is streaming the first season's episodes online.

Most of you won't need to check out the streaming for anything but a reminder of how great the show is (and if you have the ability of the lead character, you'll just 'stream' in your head for that reminder).

But be sure to tune in next Sunday night for all new episodes of Unforgettable on CBS.
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