Sunday, July 07, 2013

All About Little Dick Durbin

little dick Dick Durbin is more than just the US Senator who wept like a baby in the spring of 2005 when he was forced by his own party (and his lack of a backbone) to walk back his claims regarding Abu Ghraib.  He's so much more.

He's the pathetic adult who savaged NSA whistle-blower Ed Snowden and ended up looking like Congress' littlest bitch in the process.  From the June 12th Iraq snapshot reporting on that day's Senate Appropriations Committee hearing:

Senator Dick Durbin:  I was on the intelligence community right at the time of 9-11. I saw what happened immediately afterwards.  There was a dramatic investment in intelligence resources for our nation, to keep us safe, a-a dramatic investment in the personnel to execute the plan to keep us safe. I trusted, and I still do, that we were hiring the very best  -- trusting them to not only give us their best in terms of knowledge but also their loyalty to the country.  I'd like to ask you about one of those employees who is now in a Hong Kong hotel and what is as follows: He was a high school drop out, he was a community college drop out, he had a GED degree, he was injured in training for the US Army and had to leave as a result of that and he took a job as a security guard for the NSA in Maryland.  Shortly thereafter, he took a job for the CIA in what is characterized in the Guardian piece that was published.  At age 23, he was stationed in an undercover manner overseas for the CIA and was given clearance and access to a wide varray -- a wide array of classified documents.  At age 25, he went to work for a private contractor and most recently worked for Booz Allen, another private contractor, working for the government.  I'm trying to look at this resume and background.  It says he ended up earning somewhere between $122,000 and $200,00 a year.  [Fun facts: While 29-year-old Ed Snowden may have made $200,000 a year, 68-year-old Dick Durbin makes $174,000 a year as a senator.  Durbin hails from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and received his law degree from Georgetown University Law.] I'm trying to look at the resume background for this individual who had access to the highly classified material at such a young age with a limited educational and work experience, part of it as a security guard and ask if you were troubled that he was given that kind of opportunity to be so close to information that was critical to our security?

How sad for Little Dick Durbin, so much jealousy of Ed Snowden. 

His drive to protect Barack Obama at all costs has redefined the rules of love and sexual devotion.

But even so, could anything have prepared us for his recent attempt at being a columnist?

In "It's time to say who's a real reporter" (Chicago Sun-Times), Little Dick Durbin finally gets to lash out against every scribe who's ever commented on how many years it's been since Little Dick has seen micro dick -- his huge gut rendering his small penis out of sight.

Peter Hart (FAIR) explains to him what journalism is and how his new rules would actually include the very people he's railing against.

You might say "check mate." 

But you'd be too soon.

At some point the idiocy of Dick Durbin will merge with the stupidity of Rosa Brooks and the danger to journalism from Little Dick will be very clear and no longer amusing.

Until that day arrives, laugh freely at Little Dick -- while you still can.

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