Sunday, May 26, 2013

Editorial: For those who bother to look

May's almost over but not there yet.  And through yesterday, Iraq Body Count counts 665 violent deaths so far this month.


Last month was the most violent month since June 2008 according to the United Nations.  This month isn't looking any better.

For those that bother to look.

And isn't that the real lesson of Iraq these days?  How few people bother to look?


That's Falluja two days ago.  Since December 21st, protests have been ongoing in Iraq.  That's over five months.  Do you really see media coverage from the western press that reflects that?

austin beecroft mutlaq

That refusal to look certainly helps the US military out, right?  May 15th, CENTCOM Commander General Lloyd Austin was in Baghdad visiting.  Visiting about what?

About US forces and Iraq.  About the Strategic Framework Agreement and also about the Memorandum of Understanding signed last December.

There's a great deal going on.  There are just very few paying attention.

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