Sunday, January 06, 2013

Chuck Hagel's military 'expertise'


As President Barack Obama seems set to nominate Chuck Hagel for the position of Secretary of Defense, a lot of uninformed people and a lot of  professional liars want to insist Hagel's qualified because of his 'military experience.'

David Petraeus, whatever you think of him, has military experience.

Chuck Hagel?

By his own narrative, he joined in April of 1967 and "got home in December 1968."

So less than two years, in a draft military, a military rife with racial tensions (President Harry Truman ordered the military desegregated in July of 1948; in 1951, the US military began desegregation), a military where gays did not serve openly, a military that did not welcome women.

Based on those less than two years, over 40 years ago, he is qualified to be in charge of a diverse, all volunteer military?

Who knew the year of wishful thinking kick-started in 2013?
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