Sunday, December 23, 2012

Super sale on The Bionic Woman at Amazon


The Bionic Woman is a TV series that starred Lindsay Wagner as Jamie Sommers, a role for which Wagner won the Emmy for Best Actress.  We've ranked it as one of the "5 Best Super Hero Shows (Live Action) of All Time."

And this year, we've weighed in on the show in "The Bionic Woman Season One" "The Bionic Woman Season 2"  and "The Bionic Woman Season Three."

A large number of e-mails have come in on these articles and we know that a lot of you are fans of the show as well.  So when Carter e-mailed to tell us about a sale at Amazon, we knew we needed to do a heads up.

Right now at Amazon, you can get streaming of season one of The Bionic Woman and season two for $4.99 each.  This is purchasing the full season for streaming -- you can keep it in your Amazon cloud and access it whenever you want. 

Season three isn't part of the special.  Not yet, anyway.  And we have no idea how long the sale will last but if you stream, that's a great deal.

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