Sunday, November 18, 2012

The pathetic Green Party

As US President Barack Obama prepares to gut the safety net, the Green Party . . . objects?

In their usual weak ass manner, the national Green Party issued a statement which opened, "Green Party leaders called on President Obama to resist any kind of 'Grand Bargain' with Republicans in Congress that involves cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, or other safety-net programs."

The death of Social Security and that's the best the Green Party can manage?

Maybe they misunderstand what's at stake?

Well the second sentence seems pretty clear about the stakes, "The President has signaled that he is ready to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and by $650 billion and raise the eligibility age for Medicare and Social Security in a deal with the GOP in order to avoid the 'fiscal cliff'."

The US doesn't have a third party in the Green Party.  It has an embarrassing, weak-ass wanna be that will never challenge a Democrat in power because the national leadership runs scared and is worthless.

As people on the left wake up to the realities of just how corrupt the Democratic Party has gotten, they do so on their own and with no help from a ridiculous, alleged Democratic Party rival that 'urges' and pleads and begs but never calls out.

They are weak ass and they encourage others to be victims.

They lack a spine and they lack the ability to call out even from the safety of news release.

Jill Stein

Jill Stein is the national Green Party.

She started off with a strong campaign.

She appeared to be prepared to build something.

Then Barack Obama stumbled in his first debate with Mitt Romney.

A smart political rival immediately makes the case that Barack demonstrated his weakness.  A smart rival gives speeches where she points out she never stumbled when she faced Romney in a debate.  A smart rival explains that she stands for actual issues and positions and it is this platform the provides strength and allows her campaign to be about something.

That's what a smart political rival does: Seize the moment.

What did Jill Stein do?

Issue press releases calling out Mitt Romney or his running mate Paul Ryan about this or that.

Was she confused about which side of the political spectrum would support her campaign?

It wasn't the right, it was the left.

She needed to make the case that she was better than Barack Obama.

When the fates gifted her with that opportunity, she didn't seize it.  Instead, she turned her campaign into a subsidiary of The Committee To Re-Elect Barack Obama.

After that, the national Green Party should be red-faced with shame.

Instead, it honestly thinks the world awaits their latest weak-ass missive.

You sort of picture the national Green Party standing outside a burning building, whispering, 'Hey, everybody, maybe think about coming out.  If you want.'

We have stated "national."  There are state chapters that are really about building a third party and that take clear and strong stands.  It's only on the national level that it repeatedly falls apart.

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