Sunday, November 04, 2012


Remember, kids, it's not Wikipedia, it's Crapapedia.  Regina sent in this week's find.  On the Saturday Night Live wiki entry, under Electoral impact, a laughable 'fact' is noted.


"However in the Democratic presidential primary campaign, Hillary Clinton received more favorable treatment than Barack Obama. During the campaign Fey famously quipped about the then then-Senator that 'bitches get stuff done' and that 'bitch is the new black'."  This is followed by "[132]" -- a footnote.

The claim is ridiculous.  Barack's family was never ridiculed by Saturday Night Live during the primaries, though Bill Clinton was ridiculed repeatedly.  Hillary was mocked by a skit that found her sleeping in curlers but we never saw Barack doing anything except looking 'cool.'

But did the footnote back up these claims?

The footnote takes you to this August 13, 2008 Huffington Post post by Rachel Sklar.  Not only does Sklar not endorse the notion that Hillary received more favorable treatment than Barack in her post, but in a comment later in the thread, she makes this even more clear.

Get it?

It's Crap, Crapapedia! 
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