Sunday, August 26, 2012

From the TESR Test Kitchen

In our Test Kitchen research, we've discovered many things.  Such as people like Lean Cousine aren't really into diet foods or they would be reducing the crust in their 'diet' pizzas.  We've also discovered that there really aren't great choices for potato chips if you're concerned about calories.

Or so we thought.  Until now, the best out there was the Special K chips (crackers) which were small and, were they regular size, about 15 would be 110 calories -- as opposed to 150 calories for 15 non 'diet' potato chips.

Like we said "until now."

Pringles to the rescue.  Skip the "Reduced" Pringles line.  The calorie reduction doesn't even justify the line.  Instead grab the Pringles Light.  There are three flavors currently: Original, Sour Cream & Onion and BBQ.

 1 pringles

15 chips of any of the three flavors adds up to 70 calories.  And there are six servings in the canister so that's 420 calories should you pig out.  You're not planning on pigging out but, should you, you won't have to spiral into a tunnel of hate.

The taste?

BBQ Light pretty much tastes like BBQ regular.  Sour Cream and Onion has a slight difference.  Original Light is where you'll really notice the difference.  It's less salty than Original regular and also a little lighter.  But it does taste good.

If you know the Lays Light brand, you know the only other chip with similar calories.  Unlike the Lays Light brand, the Pringles Light brand actually tastes like chips.  (We are all big fans of regular Lays chips, FYI, and like them better than regular Pringles; however, we can't stand Lays Light.)

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