Sunday, May 13, 2012

Barack and his sexism captured in photo

cabinet photo chuck kennedy

That's US President Barack Obama and the administration.  It's a public domain photo and we've left the caption on (Chuck Kennedy took the photo).  We did that because the photo was recently used by an outlet to 'demonstrate' how 'fair' to women Barack Obama is.

The photo's public domain and we're glad of that because we hope it's widely circulated and posted.

While some see it as proof that Barack's not part of the so-called 'war on women,' it suggests to us quite the contrary.

Further, we'd argue that if you look at the above and see that Barack deserves praise for women, you must reall be scared of women.

Leave out Barack and Vice President Joe Biden, they were elected to their jobs.  You're left with 21 people Barack Obama nominated for their positions.  These appointees?

Only 7 are women.

14 are men.

We realize that The Washington Post is in the tank for Barack Obama.  They (and the magazine The Washington Post Company then-owned Newsweek) established that fact early in 2008.  So they do a five-page hatchet job on what someone did decades ago in high school -- showing the kind of attention to minutae that was strongly missing when it was time to vet Barack -- and run fluff like "Barack Obama's women" -- a photo essay so hastily (and poorly) put together that they miscredit the photographer of the above photo.

But that's okay because only a Kool-Aid drinking, full fledged member of the Cult of St. Barack would look at the above photo and see "equality."  Functioning adults, however, will look at the photo and see that twice as many men were appointed by Barack as women. 

We were told the election of Barack Obama as US president was a new day -- we were repeatedly told that. even rushed out a new (and bad) song proclaiming just that the day after the election ("It's A New Day").  So, if it was a fresh start for America, a new day, that would mean someone had to bring sexism onto the latest version of Noah's Arc.  How else to explain that -- 'new day' and all -- Mr. Pocket Change appointed twice as many men to his Cabinet as he did women?
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