Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whose home companion?

Why is Lila Garrett looking so dour?


Oh, wait, that's not Lila Garrett, that's NPR's Garrison Keillor whose compiled a 'joke' special for fundraising purposes.

As usual, the show is heavy on the sexism and homophobia that no one ever dares to admit to, let alone call out.

But what really stood out was what a coward Garrison is.

On the same special that he declares, "Jokes take us places that civility hides from," Garrison laments that Barack Obama hasn't provided jokes. No jokes. He then goes on to note that the previous one provided plenty of jokes. We'll assume he meant George W. Bush and not Barack Sr.

And we'll assume that the coward who wants to feature Groucho jokes is a nasty little suck-up when it comes to Barry. If you can't tell a joke that makes Barack look bad, you really aren't a comedian. You're a bobby-soxer, you may be a whore, but you are no comic.
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