Sunday, December 18, 2011

Occupy Dallas

In Dallas, Occupy Dallas has been thrown out of Pioneer Plaza (in front of the Dallas Convention Center and just to the west of City Hall) but they've not stopped protesting. They note, "Despite being raided by police and having our camp destroyed, the members of OccupyDallas continue to protest corporate greed and the corrupt financial system which has poisoned our government. We're now occupying Pegasus Plaza as well as the intersection of Main & Akard, home to a Chase bank and a Pegasus Community credit union."

In addition, they had a Friday action. Dallas was in Dallas and eating lunch in the West End. When he and his friends left, they saw the police out in full force in southwestern Dallas.

What was going on?

A friend saw a sign that included the word "Cabal" and they began to suspect it might be Occupy Dallas.

When police finally allowed traffic to move, Dallas and his friends saw the last of the protest (at Dealey Plaza).


ows dallas


[Note: These are Dallas' photos. They were taken with a Digital Video camera on December 15, 2011. At Flickr, where we posted them, Flickr wrongly adds, "This photo was taken on January 1, 2000 using an LG_Electronics GW300." No. December 15, 2011 and with a Digital Video camera. Take it up with Flickr.]
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