Sunday, December 25, 2011

Idiot of the Year

In his long life, he's shown great stupidity but surely even Tom Hayden grasps that he will never receive Time magazine's person of the year honor.

So he has to make do with the scraps that are thrown his way.

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And we happily declare him 2011's Idiot of the Year.

This month, in The Los Angeles Times, he wrote the laughable "In Iraq, peace at last." While the paper was quickly forced to issue one correction ["A Dec. 16 Op-Ed on opposition to the Iraq war said President Obama was the first president to campaign on a promise to end an ongoing American war. Other presidents (e.g., Eisenhower and Nixon) campaigned on such promises."]; however, the larger correction has yet to be printed.

Not only did Baghdad see multiple bombings December 22nd (resulting in over 200 people being injured and over 70 being killed), the country's in a political crisis with the prime minister (Nouri al-Maliki) labeling the vice president (Tareq al-Hashemi) a terrorist and demanding that the deputy prime minister (Saleh al-Mutlaq) be stripped of his post.

In Iraq, peace at last?

Tom must start hitting the bottle a lot earlier these days than he used to.

He disgraced himself repeatedly in 2011 as he rushed to whore for Barack (see "TV: Tom Hayden's Animated Life"). But even he managed to find a new floor for shame as the year drew to a close. Tom Hayden is the Idiot of the Year.
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