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CCR's Articles of Impeachment Against Bush


From 2001 through 2008, there was a call for accountability from the White House. Yes, boys and girls, once upon a time we weren't afraid to call out a War Hawk in the White House.

Many books were written on the subject. Some were just outright embarrassments like John Nichols who published on impeachment just as the 2006 elections were approaching. Why did the 2006 elections matter? Suddenly Democrats were in control. Of both house of Congress. Immediately, The Nation and others walked away from impeachment.

They used calls for impeachment to enrage the public and attempt to drive up voter turnout. They were never serious about it and would immediately begin insisting that there was no reason for it. Just like Nancy Pelosi, they took impeachment "off the table."

Along with bad books like the one by John Nichols, there were muddled books and tired books, a few inspired books, but only one winner.

articles of impeachment

The Center for Constitutional Rights published Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush.

They laid out a legal basis for why Bully Boy Bush should be impeached, citing the Constitution. In the Appendix, they dealt historically into impeachment. And throughout the book, they provided a common sense, involving read. From the book:

He has lied to the American people and the Congress as to the basis of the war with Iraq. He has involved the United States and its people in a devastating war that has killed thousands and cost billions. By doing so he has subverted the will of Congress, which alone has the right to declare war, and coerced them into doing so by falsities. He has undermined democracy by painting a false picture of the reasons for war to the American people. He has broken the law, both by committing a fraud on the American people, and by violating the fundamental legal precept prohibiting aggressive wars. He has attempted to end the system upon which our country was founded: that the president is a creature of the Constitution and law and has limited powers that are checked and balanced by the other branches. By issuing false statements and lying to Congress and the American people, he has induced Congress and the American people to enter into a war to which the people may not have consented had the true facts been known to them. By doing so, he has subverted the powers of the Congress that are meant to check presidential powers. He has undermined our republican form of government. He has violated the public trust and overstepped the bounds of his office. For these reasons, George W. Bush must be impeached.

Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush remains an important book for many reasons. It is a document against illegal war. It is proof that some people believe in accountability. It is a time capsule for the crimes of the executive branch as the new century started. It is also a powerful and provocative read.

Bully Boy Bush 'created' the power to arrest and hold people without charges and without having to provide any proof. Barack Obama took it even further and claims the right to execute anyone with a drone that he damn well pleases -- a power not written into the Constitution.

In a truly brave world, we'd see books calling for the impeachment of Barack Obama.

In this series of ten important books of the last ten years, we've, so far, selected "Manal M. Omar's Barefoot in Baghdad," "Susan Faludi's The Terror Dream," "Joyce Murdoch and Deb Price's Courting Justice," "Anthony Arnove's Iraq: The Logic Of Withdrawal" and "Tori's Piece by Piece." Articles of Impeachment is our sixth pick, we've got four more to note. Due to the Great Recession, your local libraries are both overtaxed (seeing more patrons than ever before) and underfunded. Make a point to check out your local library or local branch of your library and consider letting your local representatives know that you support increasing the budget for the library.
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