Sunday, May 15, 2011

Editorial: The Whores of Panhandle Media

Wednesday Nouri al-Maliki, prime minister of Iraq and thug-puppet of the occupation, held a press conference. What did he say?


Panhandle Media is begging you for more money -- constantly. Pacifica Radio's got their hands in your pockets again, The Nation's sent out another fundraising letter, but they can't focus on what matters, now can they?

No one's done more to ruin The Nation than Katrina vanden Heuvel who inherited the title of publisher when the magazine was at an all time circulation high. It is now, under her 'leadership,' at an all time low. And she has the nerve to lecture that "political elites have strayed from the will of the majority"? She who can't be bothered with Iraq?

So on Wednesday, Nouri announced the reality that the SOFA may be extended. Right now, he's pushing it off on others, saying if 70% of the political actors are in favor, US troops will remain in Iraq past 2011.

What about that 'brave' and 'independent' magazine The Progressive?

May 11th, Nouri made that announcement. May 13th, Matthew Rothschild was blathering on (in his "Progressive Moment" radio spot) about "Republicans Ready to Expand Presidential Warmaking Powers."

All the Whores of Panhandle Media sold the LIE that the SOFA meant the Iraq War ended at the end of 2011. They sold the LIE that the SOFA could not be extended or replaced with anything.

You'd think Amy Goodman and the other whores for Barack would want to get honest, would use this moment to tell the truth. But whores don't make money by telling the truth, they make money by pretending you're special, you're unique, and sexy -- while they scam and con you.

They can't cover the protests in Iraq, are you surprised that they won't cover Nouri's latest statements?

One honest voice could be heard last week, Justin Raimondo (

The idea that we were ever going to voluntarily leave Iraq was always a fantasy, one fulsomely encouraged by the Obama-ites and their “progressive” amen corner. In reality, the division of labor in the foreign policy realm works like this: the Republicans invade some country or other, bomb it to smithereens, and send in an occupying army. Then the Democrats win the next election, on account of rising opposition to the war, in which case our new overlords act to consolidate the gains of the previous administration and further extend the frontiers of empire – as in Libya and Pakistan.

The reality is that empires never dissolve themselves: they hang on to the bitter end, living on dreams of past glory and stubbornly refusing to see the signs of decline that are obvious to any objective observer. Nothing stops them: not war-weariness on the part of the populace, not military defeat, not even impending bankruptcy. The reason is once you become an empire, there’s no turning back: you’ve already invested a great deal of the nation’s resources into the empire-building process, and so much of your economic and political capital is tied up in this project that reversing it is just not possible. What’s needed is some outside stimulus, some undeniably chastening event – like, say, utter collapse, as in the case of the former Soviet Union – to provide a much-needed reality check.

While Maliki pays lip service to the idea that US troops must leave eventually, and the sooner the better, in reality he has no desire to see them go, for US soldiers are all that stand between him and a howling mob of his subjects, who are living in conditions that would turn Mother Teresa into a psycho-killer. Anti-smoking fanatics may take some satisfaction in knowing that tobacco is not the leading cause of death in Iraq, but to have assassination take its place is hardly cause for joy among the rest of us.

In Iraq, “Arab Spring” protests continue, as they have across the Middle East, but – unlike the demonstrations in Egypt, the civil war in Libya, and the violently-repressed upsurge in Syria – the Western news media has decided not to cover them. When thousands jammed the streets of Suleimaniya, the supposedly pro-occupation, pro-American capital city of the Kurdish autonomous region – Maliki and his Kurdish equivalents sent the Iraqi army in to crush the incipient rebellion no less violently than Syria’s Assad is now doing in Syria. Yet we hear nothing from the White House, nothing from the media, and nothing from the former leaders of the “antiwar” movement – yes, I’m talking to you, Leslie Kagan, you fraud – after they folded up their tents and went off to work for Obama’s election (and re-election).

[Photo via The Great Iraqi Revolution.]
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