Sunday, April 10, 2011

Truest statement of the week

So you guys do look all gorgeous out there. I know you feel the same about me. Thank you. But I only have 90 seconds, so I have to talk really fast. I think everybody here today knows that the wars are b.s. Everybody knows that it's not just the Republican people who are making wars on other countries, war on women, wars on -- all the wars we talked about. It's not just the Republican half of the capitalist, corporatist party. Of course it's not. We have a Democratic administration now. We had Democrats in power. It was a total Democratic tyranny for two years. And here our country is going down the crapper economically. I can tell you, people say that there's only two things guaranteed in life: Death and taxes. I can guarantee you one more thing -- or three more things. If you vote for a Democrat or Republican, you're voting for more war, you're voting for more economic oppression and you're voting for more environmental devastation. And I want to challenge you today, this is beautiful, this is wonderful, take this energy and don't let it stop. If anybody here wants to go toLafayette Square in front of the White House and make it our Tahrir Square, I'm there with you. We have to go and we can't stop and we can't leave. Thank you.

-- Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan speaking in NYC yesterday. Peace Mom heads to Boston:


7PM: First Parish In Cambridge (Harvard Square)

3 Church St
Cambridge, MA
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