Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sexaul Assault Enabler of the Week


Helena Cobban wants to assure the world, "I know that Nir made some thoughtless and unkind remarks recently, in a late-night Twitter feed, about a female correspondent for CBS News who had been subjected to sexual assault by a mob of unknown affiliation in Cairo. Nir has quite appropriately apologized for those remarks, and I feel confident he won't be so thoughtless and unkind again. I've known him for a few years now-- admired his gutsy, anti-war journalism for even longer; and I honestly don't think that in general he's someone who demeans or marginalizes women. "

No, you damn fool, he didn't apologize. He went on a non-stop chattering course where he repeatedly attacked Logan all over again and, you stupid, stupid idiot, it wasn't "unkind remarks." Nir Rosen voiced the mind-set of a rapist. He argued that Lara Logan deserved to be sexually assaulted. That's not "unkind remarks."

Your desire to spin for Nir reveals just how pathetic you are and just how willing you are to allow sexual assault and rape to thrive because it's too much work for you to call it out.
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