Sunday, November 07, 2010

Big Crazy of the Week: Latoya Peterson

In a week that saw so many cans of crazy being opened including Bernie Sanders demonstrating he didn't grasp what ethical guidelines were (someone in the Senate should explain them to him), Big Crazy was a hard fought battle.


But Racialicious' Latoya Peterson earned the dishonor via her work on Free Speech Television election night. (See Ava and C.I.'s "TV: Hermetically sealed 'independent' media.")

Barack Obama, Latoya Peterson explained, must be given a second term because to do otherwise would be "tantamont to a betrayal."

She went on to offer such 'valid' 'reasons' for giving Barack a second term as, "It's about little Black kids being able to touch Obama's head and say 'My president has hair like me'."

Oh, really?

We missed that in the Constitution.

What Latoya's actually done is ensure that it will be that much more difficult to ever get a Black president (Barack is bi-racial) because of the fact the people will remember this. It is people like Latoya Peterson that the nation will fear, people who will hector and screech that this must be done or that must be ignored because nothing is more important than . . .

The Constitution?


The rights of the people?


Nothing is more important than her so-called symbolic victory.

People need to grow the hell up. Barack Obama is in the White House, he is the president. You're not doing him or his legacy any favors by refusing to hold him to standards.

In fact, were history written today, he'd probably be mocked, made fun of, with multiple entries about how he got away with this or that because he was considered "Black."

We don't think he's a good president -- let alone great one -- but his fan club that does, members of the Cult of St. Barack like Latoya? They better grasp history is watching and history is recording and they can hold him to the same standard as any other president or they can continue to give him a pass. If it's the lattter? That'll be part of the history books as well and rob any pride in his legacy that might be possible.
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