Sunday, October 17, 2010

Revisionary, fear-based whoring

Friday, faded rose from days gone by Robert Parry decided to show America just how crazy he can get -- the kind of crazy that gets you kicked off the AP team, in fact. He penned and distributed a little ditty entitled "The 'Teach-the-Dems-a-Lesson' Myth." It was a journey through revisionary history and the dark, dark recesses of what's left of Parry's mind.


Parry's in a panic that some on the left have decided not to vote for Democrats or not to vote at all. That the American people might have a mind of their own is appalling to Robert Parry and, having issued sexist orders throughout 2008, he foolishly believes he's running something other than his own mouth.

In his non-scientific and highly revisionary history, Parry cites the elections of 1968, 1980, 1004 and 2000. Any one with a political science background can already see one 'design' flaw. Only 1994 is a mid-term election and 2010 will be a mid-term.

Facts, escape whores. Diseases don't. And it takes a really sick puppy to write, "Tragically, too, the Left’s sideline-sitting contributed to the unnecessary deaths of millions of people in wars from Vietnam and Central America to Iraq and Afghanistan." You didn't just vote wrong, America, you got blood on your hands.

Are you starting to grasp why Robert Parry can't work a real job? Yeah, that's why. It's called insanity, the sort that usually takes several decades of hard drinking to really spit-polish.

Parry's b.s. offers that elected Dems have moved more to the center since 1968 and that they refuse to call out Republican's "misdeeds'' (also starting in 1968).

In 1968, Parry tells you, Nixon wins because of that awful left. (Robert Parry's quite the hippie puncher, isn't he?) Really? Not the fact that Hubert Humphrey was a lousy candidate? Not because RFK Jr. was assassinated while trying to win the Democratic Party nomination?

From 1968, Parry rushes to 1980. Why? Because a real accounting of history won't back up his s**t poor hypothesis so instead he cherry picks. 1980's big lesson? That Ted Kennedy hurt Jimmy Carter by running against him for the Democratic Party nomination.

Was that really the big hurt of the Carter administration?

Strange, we think if you asked the people of Afghanistan, they could point to how the Carter administration deliberately turned their country into a war zone.

Then it's skip to 1994. But even with selective cherry picking and revisionary tactics, he can't build a persuasive argument:

Yet, even if the Left had worked on building a media infrastructure, it’s not clear that progressive voices would have done much to protect the Clintons from the right-wing attacks. To many on the Left, the Clintons were a couple who had long since sold out their principles to corporate interests.

So, with both American progressives and mainstream Democrats discouraged and demoralized, the Republican tsunami in November 1994 wiped out not only the fragile Democratic Senate majority but ended the long-time Democratic control of the House.

Really? That's the story the fool wants to go with? Midterm elections are notorious for shifting the balance of power. If a party controls the Congress and the White House, a mid-term is where voters tend to redistribute control. It happened most recently in the 2006 mid-terms. Then Republicans controlled the White House and the Congress. The voters put Democrats in charge of both houses of Congress.

To really fog up the car windows and try to scare the hell out of people, Parry writes, "In my view, Election 2000 may have represented the last real chance for the world to turn back from environmental devastation and from the dangerous political instability that will follow." Really? The last real chance?

Well, hell, give us plastic bags, let's return to aerosol sprays. If noted scientific scholar Parry is telling us its all over, let's just pack it in.

He then rushes to blame Ralph Nader for Al Gore's loss -- an assertion that has been repeatedly refuted by the facts. Now Robert Parry really begins to beat to beat his one-incher madly as he begins to insist on what he just knows that a President Gore would have done.

Like the damn, dirty, disease-ridden whore that he is, Parry insists, "Though Obama did begin winding down the Iraq War as he had promised[.]" Oh, honey, inject some penicillin into that one. Barack promised to end the war. The war is not ended. He said all combat troops gone in 16 months. "As he had promised" would mean that happened in sixteen months. Robert Parry's been lying for so long he really can't tell fact from fiction anymore.

The tired and scared Parry insists, "In other words, the Left's notion of 'teaching the Democrats a lesson' is a myth. It may make some progressives feel morally pure, but it doesn't work. And, the results of the last 42 years should make clear that the idea is not only folly but it is dangerous."

In a world of choices, Robert Parry thinks it all boils down to a t-bone or a rib-eye. He really is that simplistic and, honestly, that dull.

In a world of choices, Parry wants to throw a fit that everyone won't vote like him, won't think like him, won't shoot a ghost nut the way he does.

What the article really does -- after selling fear and rewriting history -- is reveal just how pathetic the Democratic Party has become: Even whore Parry doesn't think they're capable of change.

But note how pathetic he is, he still whores for them.
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