Sunday, March 21, 2010

Editorial: Barack is killing the left

In one of the more laughable attempts to cash in on the Iraq War for the 7th anniversary, a man who never bothers with Iraq anymore wrote a column for a foreign outlet where he asserted that Iraq had vanished from the MSM (it has) but it continued to be covered by independent media (false). It was so much smoke up the ass, we're afraid he's still choking on second hand smoke.

In the real world, the election of Barack Obama has meant the death of the left.

No where did that become more clear than in Indymedia (Independent Media Center). Visit the US page and you'll quickly encounter a listing entitled "Latest news from all syndicated independent media centers across the US." And if you just read that heading, things look pretty good. However, if you read the actual headlines and -- more importantly -- the dates on them, you grasp that the IMC network is just one more thing the election of Barry O killed off.


If your an IMC outlet and you haven't published in the month, you're dead. No one's going to keep coming back in the hopes that someday you'll have something new. So we count the following sites as dead: Arizona IMC, Arkansas IMC, Atlanta IMC, Austin, IMC, Baltimore IMC, Big Muddy IMC, Binghamton IMC, Charlottesville IMC, Cleveland IMC, Colorado IMC, Hawaii IMC, Houston IMC, Hudson Mohawk IMC, LA (Louisiana) IMC, Las Vegas IMC, Madison IMC, Maine IMC, Michigan IMC, New Hampshire IMC, New Mexico IMC, North Carolina IMC, North Texas IMC, Oklahoma IMC, Pittsburgh IMC, Richmond IMC, Saint Louis IMC, San Diego IMC, and San Francisco IMC (not San Francisco Bay Area IMC -- also known as Indybay -- which continues to publish).

Apparently, with Bush to hate, there was a passion and excitement for the left. But covering up for and excusing the Corporatist War Hawk Barry just saps the soul.
We loved to be so radical But like a ragged love affair Some became disenchanted And some of us just got scared
-- "Playing Possum," written by Carly Simon, from her album of the same title

IMC, one of the successes out of the 1999 Seattle protests, now limps along. And it's far from alone. As noted in "The Capons of NYC," NYC couldn't even muster a respectable anti-war protest on Saturday.

nyc imc

A visit to NYC IMC on Saturday morning found that the protest taking place later that day wasn't even prominently noted.

WBAI ignored it as well, refusing to even list it on it's calendar of NYC events.


Barack Obama is killing the left and a large number of his faux left cheerleaders are egging him on. It's time the left strikes back, reclaims their voices and starts calling for peace and equality.
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