Sunday, February 21, 2010

The hate mongers

Matthew Rothschild, as we note in another feature, is concerned. Concerned about hate and anger. Or he pretends he is. There's a lot of hate and anger he chooses to ignore -- as Trina points out in this week's roundtable -- and it comes from the supposed left.

For those who missed it, last Sunday Family Guy (Fox) did another 'joke' that crossed many people's lines. It was making fun of Down's Syndrome. And it tied Sarah Palin in by making the child be the daughter of a woman who was governor of Alaska.

A number of readers e-mailed to alert us about the 40-year-old woman who voiced the young girl on Family Guy and how, in a New York Times blog post, an e-mail from her said it was okay to make those jokes.

(A) Steppin Fetchit was never a role hard to cast in the past. There will always be a number of people willing to humiliate themselves and others for money. When called on it, they will get defensive and insist it's just a joke. (B) One woman desperate for work in TV really isn't the voice of the special needs community. (C) The voice actor's bitchy (the only term for it) remark about Sarah Palin demonstrated that she wasn't an objective party.

The New York Times wisely left out the bitchy remark. Others rushed in where the paper refused to follow. That includes something called Palingate and, if you click here, you'll find just how much hatred and insanity Matthew Rothschild ignores.

This crazy, hate spewing website is of the 'left' -- in the same way that those Barack supporters in 2008, wearing t-shirts calling Sarah Palin the c-word (c**t) were of the 'left.' And it's bloggers will tell you, as Patrick does, that "Sarah Palin isn't even the biological mother of Trig, her beloved Down-Syndrome prop, because she has faked the pregnancy! Bristol Palin is the biological mother of Trig."

See that's the hate Rothschild will never confront. Trig Palin, a child who has never harmed anyone, is called a "Down-Syndrome prop." They're not insulting Sarah Palin there, they're insulting her child. Rothschild will never call it out. Nor will he call out their crazy claims that Sarah is not Trig's mother.

But he will -- and did in the commentary we already called out -- take offense to people saying Barack Obama's not an American citizen. One he'll call out, the other he'll ignore repeatedly.

And the silence and he and the others provide allows the hate to breed and fester. Grasp for a moment that Sarah Palin holds no public office currently, to view most polling she doesn't appear to have a shot at the presidency. And even the hateful people at Palingate scoff at the idea of her being elected. So why the hate? Why the focus?

We reviewed one hundred comments of the 1,338 left on Friday to the post we linked to earlier and this is what Palingate readers wanted to 'share' with the world.

"Stoppalin" chose the very 'left' and 'feminist' path of judging Palin to be a bad mother because she works.

"JT" is a good 'lefty' and 'feminist' as well and wants you to know that Palin has "no morals" because she faked her pregnancy. Presumably, he refers to when Palin was pregnant with Trig because, except to call Piper "a dropout," they ignore the other Palin children.

"NJdem" finds time to trash Palin's father and accuse of him lying that he was present when Sarah Palin gave birth to Trig.

"CC" agrees with "NJdem" and finds Palin's father "pervy and creepy as hell."

"Yawn" shows his/her 'sophistication' by referring to Trig Palin as "it."

After all of the above (and more) has taken place, "aview999" shows up to insist Palin has unleashed hate. Not grasping irony, "aview999" finger points and declares, "She is HATE through and through."

"JCos" mocks Trig by placing parenthesis around special-needs. Apparently not content to insist Palin lies about giving birth to Trig, "JCos" also wants to suggest Sarah Palin lies about Trig being a special-needs child.

"lisabeth60" -- indicating the numeric aspect of her name is her IQ -- hails Andrew Sullivan (the father of the "Sarah is not Trig's mother!" smear). No real lefty hails Andrew Sullivan.

"Jula" and "ella" argue with "Jula" claiming The National Enquirer deserves a Pulitzer and "ella" insisting that "it can be bought off."

We decided to check out another 100 and found "Prochoicegrandma" insisting Trig Palin was born in January 2008 and was kept hidden until his April 'birth'.

For "nel gmez" sliming Palin only wasn't good enough so s/he decided to slam all beauty contestants as strippers. Strippers isn't good enough for "lillibird" who says Sarah Palin is "kinda like a prostitute."

"silver_desert" insists that Sarah Palin's had two abortions.

And the lunacy never ends.

Since 2008, shrill left and 'left' voices have insisted Palin was a nothing and a nobody. So why do they continue to attack her? Why are they obsessed -- so obsessed -- with this woman?

She has always stated Trig is her child. Why do they continue to doubt it? Why do they insist upon focusing on that? What does any of it matter to anyone not named Palin?

These people aren't left and someone needs to correct them on this. Left political people are not obsessed with Sarah Palin or concerned as to whether or not she gave birth to her son Trig. Left political people see that entire discussion as irrational and fluff. It exists for the same reason that Springer exists and appeals to the same crowd.

We'll call it out -- and have before -- but you'll never catch Matthew Rothschild calling it out. He's too busy repeating lies and ignoring sexism and homophobia.

Lastly, the voice actor's getting praised like crazy in comments and it all reminds us of Muntadar al-Zaidi.

Do you remember him?

He was world wide famous and receiving applause non-stop for throwing two shoes at George W. Bush. Do you remember what happened after he was released from Iraqi custody and left Iraq? He lashed out at his supporters. He'd assumed that being so famous and written of meant he himself was popular and that the money would start rolling in. We fear for the voice actor when the circus leaves town.

For the record, we're not bothered by hate or anger. We are bothered by finger pointers who pretend like it exists on only one side. In Rothschild's commentary dealt with elsewhere, for example, he's appalled by right wingers likening the administration to Nazis. It's appalling! Only it wasn't when it was George W. Bush. Back then, Rothschild had no problem with it and interviewed many guests (for Progressive Radio) who felt the US was turning into Nazi Germany. In fact, a producer of a mini-series was canned by CBS for making such a comparison and Rothschild publicly defended the man.

We never compared Bush to Hilter -- among other things, we felt Bush lacked the dedication to evil that Hitler had -- but we didn't begrudge those who did. By the same token, it's not surprising that a right-winger would see Barack Obama as a new Hitler -- many right-wingers felt the same way about Bill Clinton.

Though not opposed to hate or anger, we are opposed to faux outrage and Matthew Rotshcild makes a point to express a great deal of that.
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