Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scary Ass Stupid

Stupidity, despite what MSNBC might tell you, is not the exclusive province of the Republican Party. Meet US House Rep Alan Grayson, a man whose template appears to be Buford Pusser.

Alan Grayson

Not surprising for a man of his carriage, Grayson hauls around a lot of stupid. And he's never shied from pulling it out and wagging it in the public's face.

Such as Saturday on All Things Considered (NPR -- link has audio and text) when journalist Guy Raz attempted to speak to him:

RAZ: I mean, you say that there's no other way to solve the problems, but I mean - but what if the result is gridlock? I mean, how do you expect the voters in the United States to accept that? And surely, they would blame the Democrats for that.

Rep. GRAYSON: What do you mean "surely"? Are you a Republican?

"What do you mean 'surely'? Are you a Republican?"

This is what you get when MSNBC is seen as the standard for the left, crap like this.

In a functioning political system, Grayson would be laughed off the public stage for responding to questions he doesn't like by accusing the reporter of being a Republican. But we don't have a functioning political system and Ass Stupid Grayson will probably be allowed to self- and party-embarrass for many years to come.
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