Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Gidget!

Juan Uninformed Cole

Uninformed Boob Juan Cole -- a War Cheerleader at the start who has been repeatedly allowed to revise his own 'historical' record -- declared last week that the Iraq War was over and that Barack Obama had won it.

Who knew the Princess from Hawaii had won a war?

There's been a change
Down by the sea

Since the Gidget went

To Waikiki
Cause when the Gidget goes Hawaiian
She goes Hawaiian all the way.

-- written by Stanley Styne and Fred Karger, performed by James Darren on the soundtrack of Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Well let's hear for Barack and his manboobs.

Juan Cole says he's ended the Iraq War.

But, thing is, Barack's not done s**t.

Even if you believe that, at the end of 2011, the SOFA (as presently written) will not be replaced with another agreement and that US troops will leave Iraq, there's still the fact that the SOFA . . . not Barack's plan.

George W. Bush is responsible for the SOFA. Barack wasn't president when the SOFA was rammed through the Iraqi Parliament.

Barack's done nothing.

He hasn't even kept his campaign promises. (Anyone remember his promise to withdraw one brigade a month as soon as he was sworn in? Twelve brigades should have come home. Despite Juan Cole's whoring ass, that hasn't happened.)

Juan Cole is uninformed boob whose position on the illegal war has shifted here, there and everywhere.

Our favorite Juanie moment will always be when, on CounterSpin (back when it was worth listening to), Steve Rendall nailed Juan on his revisionary tactics re: Iraq.
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