Sunday, December 06, 2009

Wanted by the FBI: Diane Rehm and Barbara Slavin


Osama bin Laden (above) is sought by the FBI. Two more should be wanted.


diane rehm

barbara slavin

Diane Rehm and Barbara Slavin are wanted for aiding and abetting Osama bin Laden in hiding from the US authorities.

What are we talking about? Friday on Diane's show, Barbara Slavin yet again insisted she knew where bin Laden was and Diane let her again blather on with that claim.

Saturday, the world heard US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates had explained to ABC News (This Week) that the US had no intelligence on where bin Laden was. Gates believes they haven't had any information in "years."

But Barbara Slavin and Diane Rehm know where he is so the question is how do they know where he is? They must be aiding bin Laden! Someone grab the handcuffs!


Slavin and Rehm do not know where bin Laden is. But they wasted everyone's time on Friday with their nutty conspiracy talk while avoiding the issue of Iraq.
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