Sunday, September 20, 2009

The never-ending fashion disaster

As Cedric and Wally noted ("Heavyweight?" and "THIS JUST IN! BIG BONED!"), Barack Obama's decided to deploy Michelle Obama in the hopes that she can influence the public.

Can she influence anyone?

Despite repeated efforts by the press to portray her as a fashion maven, it hasn't taken.

And judging by a never-ending string of tacky outfits in recent days, that's a good thing.


Above, is Michelle from the end of last week, shopping at an organic market. An organic market not in Hawaii.


Also from last week, that's Michelle on the White House lawn dressed as a fashion disaster. She seems to think wearing a wide belt -- so wide it looks like a turban -- around her thickening middle will slim her. It doesn't work that way, Michelle.

Not only that but belts aren't usually worn outside a shirt and outside a jacket.

If Nancy Walker were still alive, we could see her wearing that outfit. But she's dead and we honestly can't think of anyone else with so little taste that she'd be caught dead in it.

If we wore that outfit in public, we'd be scowling too.

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