Sunday, September 27, 2009

Editorial: F**k that s**t

The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance is either a joke or a hypocrite. Get real. October 5th, they want you to show up to help them end the Afghanistan War.

Uh, kiddies, there's a war still going on in Iraq.

We're pretty disgusted with all the liars and whores pretending the illegal war in Iraq is over. Now they want to 'lead' you in protests against the Afghanistan War.

The same people who don't have the guts or drive to end in the Iraq War, want you to follow them to DC.

F**k that s**t.

Shame on anyone refusing to admit that the Iraq War isn't over.

And shame on anyone okay with the 'promise' that the Iraq War ends as 2012 starts.

It's a damn lie. Politicians promise everything. They rarely mean a word. Which is why Barack's promise of withdrawing troops 10 months after being sworn in has not and will not come to pass.

When the same 'leaders' wanting you to follow them yet again pretended to give a damn about the Iraq War, they're slogan was Out of Iraq Now! But these days, they're fine with two years or more.

And yet they expect you to waste your time on supporting their do-nothing actions?

Repeating, f**k that s**t.

ehren watada

Ehren Watada, the first officer to publicly refuse to deploy to Iraq, is supposed to be discharged (finally) from the US military on October 2nd.

Last Sunday 1 person was reported killed in Iraq and 6 injured. Monday and Tuesday, we're supposed to believe that no one was killed in Iraq. Reality, the press just had other things to do.
Wednesday, the numbers were 7 dead and six injured. Thursday saw two people reported wounded. Friday was 16 dead and 7 wounded. Saturday saw 7 reported deaths. In all, 31 reported deaths and 21 people reported injured.

Sunday the US military announced: "JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq -- One U.S. service member was killed and 12 others were injured when a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter went down inside of Joint Base Balad at approximately 8 p.m. Saturday. The name of the deceased is being withheld pending notification of next of kin and release by the Department of Defense.The names of service members are announced through the U.S. Department of Defense official website at The announcements are made on the Web site no earlier than 24 hours after notification of the service member's primary next of kin.The cause of the incident is unknown and is under investigation. More information will be released as soon as it becomes available." Monday the US Defense Department issued a release announcing "the death of an airman who was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. Senior Airman Matthew R. Courtois, 22, of Lucas, Texas, died Sep 20 as a result of a non-hostile incident on Abdullah Al Mubarak Airbase, Kuwait. He was assigned to the 366th Security Forces Squadron, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. The circumstances surrounding the incident are under investigation."

Two more deaths of US service members. Bringing the total number of US service members killed in the illegal war since it started to 4346.

The Iraq War is not over.

And we will not be participating in any protest that refuses to acknowledge that. Nor will we trust any 'leader' stepping forward with a "Come on, gang, let's end that Afghanistan War!"

End the Afghanistan War?

Under the 'leadership' of the people who lost interest in ending the Iraq War long ago? Lost interest in the ongoing Iraq War long ago?

Not bloodly likely. F**k that s**t.
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