Sunday, July 05, 2009

Harper's magazine: Only pencil neck males allowed


It always amazes us how Harper's magazine can be so sexist so frequently and never be called on it. Make no mistake, feminists notice, including prominent ones. But it's among the mags that no one ever wants to call out publicly.

We have no fears.

Which is why we've called out Scott Horton too many times to list. (Horton is one of the two bloggers for the Harper's website. The other is Ken Silverstein. At Harper's, you apparently need a penis to blog.) It's why we've offered "Arthur Krystal delivers a lesson in exclusion" and "The sexism at Harper's."

And it's why we'll loudly call out what everyone else just whispers about: 129 male bylines, 28 female ones.

That's the January through June issues of the magazines.

We should note that in one case, we counted a woman once. She has several short stories in a row. We counted her once. Were we to count her more than once, we would have to count two men who received multiple credits in two different issues and that would make the numbers even more lopsided (favoring the males).

Harper's really doesn't seem to care about sexism.

It doesn't really seem to care about women.

It doesn't really seem to care about much of anything at all. That is how they staged a roundtable and managed to have all the participants be male and then get mad at us because we dared to point that out publicly.

The problem's not with us, the problem's with Harper's. They need to take ownership and they need to take accountability.
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