Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Political Whoring of Naomi Wolf

Always desperate for attention (it's why she stays in the kitchen during her fable -- you know the one), Naomi Wolf, The Feminine Mistake, felt the need to offer up the mind numbing "Why Barack Obama Got My Vote" in February of last year or, as we like to think of it, "I, Naomi. Me, Naomi."

Naomi Wolf

Wolfie announced she was stepping out of her closet and who knew, like some cheap sheitel, she left her brains in the closet?

Her ego, apparently, is harder to detach.

* I just flew back

* Believe me

* Me neither.

* gave me chills

* when I first started

* I pointed out

* I should say

* I ask you to consider

* I raise

* I participated

* I have heard

* I have highlighted

* I have to report to you

* I am sure

* I have noted

* When I went to see it in a theatre

* I am formally coming out of the closet

* I am very VERY sorry

* I say this

* I know her

* But to me

* my vote

* I hear

* I am likely

* I will gladly

* I am certain

As you can see from her use of I, me and my, Naomi's argument for you voting for Barack (she'd already voted in her state's primary, hence her title) was all about herself and her 'wonderful' judgment.

Namoi wrote:

Of all the candidates running now, he is the leader on understanding the threat to the Constitution and actually taking action, not just mouthing soundbites, on the need to deny torturers space in our nation and to restore the rule of law.
"Lawyers for Gitmo detainees endorse Obama," read a recent headline on the Boston Globe's political blog. In the article, reporter Charlie Savage notes that "More than 80 volunteer lawyers for Guantanamo Bay detainees today endorsed Illinois Senator Barack Obama's presidential bid. The attorneys said in a joint statement that they believed Obama was the best choice to roll back the Bush-Cheney administration's detention policies in the war on terrorism and thereby to 'restore the rule of law, demonstrate our commitment to human rights, and repair our reputation in the world community.'"
The lawyers who signed this letter -- prominent names on the list included Washington lawyer Thomas Wilner, retired federal appeals court judge John Gibbons, and retired Rear Admiral Donald Guter, who was the Navy's top JAG officer from 2000 to 2002 -- applauded Obama for having stood up in 2006 against aspects of the Military Commissions Act. Unfortunately, his fight was ultimately unsuccessful -- which is why we are all still in danger. But unlike other candidates he truly fought and he understood the nature of the danger: "When we were walking the halls of the Capitol trying to win over enough Senators to beat back the Administration's bill, Senator Obama made his key staffers and even his offices available to help us," the lawyers wrote. "Senator Obama worked with us to count the votes, and he personally lobbied colleagues who worried about the political ramifications of voting to preserve habeas corpus for the men held at Guantanamo. He has understood that our strength as a nation stems from our commitment to our core values, and that we are strong enough to protect both our security and those values. Senator Obama demonstrated real leadership then and since, continuing to raise Guantanamo and habeas corpus in his speeches and in the debates."

Did you catch the "he" emphasis? Did you notice that when it was time to provide proof, she 'naturally' (nurture did that, not nature) surrendered to men? All the people quoted and cited? Men. Naomi will later note that she's sure she's upset a "legion of feminists," but that's apparently a-okay with her, because she's standing with the men.

When it's time for Naomi to make a decision, she ignores a "legion of feminists" and instead asks, "What are the boys doing? Are they playing touch football? Do you think they're doing shirts v. skins? Skins. Ooooooh. You think they'd let me watch? I could cheer them on and then, after, rub my nose in their springy, sweaty pit hairs. Ooooooh. The smell of it!"

This is the infamous column where Naomi declares that Barack's the only one running for president -- this is when the primaries were still ongoing -- who had acted like "a true American." Most of all, it's the one where Naomi reveals how little women matter.

And if you missed that point, she was back in September to put you wise with "The Battle Plan II: Sarah 'Evita' Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State." Evita is a sexist portrayal of women as conjured up by men. How very nice of 'feminist' Naomi to give the term credence. But wait, she wasn't just Evita, she was also "FrankenBarbie of the Rove-Cheney cabal." So on the one hand, she's a sexist stereotype of a woman with power (Evita), on the other, she's a monster-doll controlled by others (FrankenBarbie).

People should have been noticing that Naomi only cited men favorably and that she repeatedly worked over time to tear women apart.

Naomi's just a political whore. A bad one, granted. She harmed Al Gore's campaign by making her stupid remarks "on background" to reporters (which is why they came back and attacked her falsely as a fashion maven for the campaign). But that's all she is: A political whore.

Only a political whore writes the following:

I saw that she was even styled by the same skillful stylist (neutral lipstick, matte makeup, dark colors) who turned Katharine Harris from a mall rat into a stateswoman and who styles all the women in the Bush orbit --but who does not bother to style Cindy McCain.

Not only is Sarah Palin a fake, she's a fake in her make up! And look at how no one wants to style Cindy! Loosen up the bitch bite, Naomi, Cindy McCain chooses her own look and always has. It's called independence, something a whimpering little dish rag like yourself couldn't understand as you stayed home taking care of children you didn't want to care of while your then-husband was having fun.

Naomi will resort to any whoring to put her man in office and, yes, with Naomi it's always a man. She will lie (as she did about John McCain's 'skin cancer' that she and unnamed sources just knew he had and that would kill him in two years!), she will kvetch and, most of all, she will claw like the lowest and horniest cat in the alley.

She is not a feminist, she is a disgrace. And that's why little Naomi couldn't be bothered with calling Barack out for deciding to continue the military tribunals, for deciding to bury the photos of torture and any hopes of accountability. In doing so, he is not, by Naomi's 'logic,' "a true American." Take it up with her.
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