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This piece is written by Rebecca of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude, Cedric of Cedric's Big Mix, Kat of Kat's Korner, Betty of Thomas Friedman is a Great Man, Mike of Mikey Likes It!, Elaine of Like Maria Said Paz, Ruth of Ruth's Report, Marcia of SICKOFITRADLZ, Stan of Oh Boy It Never Ends and Wally of The Daily Jot. Unless otherwise noted, we picked all highlights.

Bette Davis

"Abeer makes the NYT finally," "Iraq snapshot," "Steven D. Green convicted of War Crimes," "Iraq snapshot," "Closing arguments in the War Crimes trial," "Iraq snapshot," "Steven D. Green (public domain photo)," "Closing arguments today in the War Crimes Trial," "Iraq snapshot," "Prosecution rests in War Crimes trial" and "Iraq snapshot" -- Lewis and Amanda had the same idea. Both e-mailed Ty and asked him to ask us to highlight C.I.'s entries which cover Abeer. Unless we missed one, there were eleven.

Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "The Useless Blogger" -- Isaiah also found a way to note the trial via this clever and funny comic.

"Steven D. Green convicted of his War Crimes" -- A first, the most requested highlight was not by C.I. Trina was the most requested highlight and people are asking for this to be a truest. We haven't decided on the truest statements of the week yet; however, this is on the consideration list.

"Steven D. Green convicted" & "THIS JUST IN! CONVICTED!" -- Like so many of you, Cedric and Wally loved Trina's commentary as well and chose to include it ("to make it," says Cedric) their joint-entry.

"I Hate The War" -- 3 votes behind Trina, here's C.I.'s Thursday night entry.

"Cherie Welch go FUCK YOURSELF" -- And only 2 votes behind C.I.'s entry is this post by Ruth. Highly popular with people applauding Ruth. We applaud Ruth as well. That e-mail from Cherie Welch is not just rude smut, it's filled with lies. Stan brought a quote from Danny Schechter into a roundtable for the gina & krista round-robin many months ago and C.I. informed us, by hearing it, that Schechter didn't write that statement (C.I. broke it down into a linguistic analysis and told us a woman wrote it). Marica and Stan have pointed out other times since then (see Marcia's "Danny Schechter has been kidnapped" for what we believe is the issue's first appearance at a site online). Cherie Welch needs to be a good little sock puppet and move along.

"Waiting on the verdict," "the grab bag post," "What will the verdict be?," "Waiting for the jury," "Steven D. Green trial," "Steven D. Green and Mitch Jeserich," "What's it going to be?," "Some people need to learn to say goodbye" and "The criminals" -- Why no theme post last week? Because we didn't know when the jury was going to go into deliberation in the Steven D. Green case. We imagined that it would be difficult waiting on the jury to deliberate but we had no idea. Wednesday night's posts were the hardest to write. But anticipating that it could happen at any time last week, we all agreed not to offer up a theme post.

"Marilyn French" -- Elaine's post on Marilyn French was requested by several readers of this site. And their e-mail address here is To help Ty, Dona and Jim (who read the bulk of the e-mails), if you're asking for a highlight put "Highlight" in your subject heading.

"Justice for Abeer" -- Which a few of you did with this by Betty. (Although we would have picked this ourselves. Betty's telling it like it is.)

"Bully is . . . being oblivious to everything" -- Each week, Isaiah offers a look back at his first year of doing comics for The Common Ills.

"standing with ruth," "Unacceptable," "Abeer and other items," "Danny Schecter's sockpuppet hurls insults," "The really-reals," "The Dumb Ass of the Week: Cherie Welch," "Strong words in the Kitchen" and "Friday"-- The community stands with Ruth. C.I. notes that in "Abeer makes the NYT finally" and writes, "I do not mean this as a negative criticism of anyone's post but I do know for a fact that Mike planned to write about the ACLU and torture and Elaine was going to cover Abeer at length. Stan was going to do his movie post. Because of the nonsense pulled, everyone got stuck in response mode. And they set their planned topics aside. To do that here, I would have to do a bonus entry and I don't have time. So we'll do our two Iraq entries and I'll table my own thoughts until I sub for Turh [Ruth] while she's on vacation. But for anyone who wonders, I love Ruth and I stand with her always." We wanted to do a roundtable but there's not going to be time, it's already been a long edition. But because Ty did have people e-mailing asking, we'll say, "C.I.'s right and no, it wasn't an insult and we didn't take it as one." We had our Friday posts planned. Especially everyone except Betty and Cedric! That's because they were all (everyone else was all) at the McKinnon house and going to have some fun with a bbq and more that was planned. So we had planned our topics out ahed of time and intended to do a quick post and get to partying. That didn't happen. Some of us (like Mike) were so ticked off by Cherie Welch's nonsense that we couldn't even think of things to write and had to go asking for topics despite having planned topics before. We were in response mode. And we needed to be because we're not going to let Ruth be talked to like that. But we were doing offense most of the week and had planned to continue that on Friday. Some people did (Marcia and Elaine to be sure) but most of us were just responding. And sometimes you have to. C.I. knows that. But she can't respond unless she wants to do it as a bonus entry because otherwise she will hear it in e-mails, "You wrote about an attack on Ruth. That has nothing to do with Iraq. You usually do two entries on Iraq on Saturday, where's the other one?" And one more thing on this entry by C.I. Mike: "I posted it. I'm the one who was supposed to edit Ruth's title so the f-word didn't appear. I forgot. C.I. wrote that early in the morning and I posted that a little after I got back from dropping C.I., Wally, Ava and Kat off at the airport. I mention that (a) to set the record straight and (b) to point out a point that's been made by Marica and others recently, C.I. has no problem owning a mistake. C.I.'s added a note where she says it was her fault and doesn't even mention me. Not only does C.I. have no problem owning a mistake, she'll own ones that are not even her mistakes. It was my mistake and my apologies if anyone was offended by the f-word."
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