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Bitch Pleeze (Keesha)

[Keesha is a TCI community member and this can be considered her letter to Third or her column. Whichever you prefer. The wonderful opinions expressed are Keesha's. We understand Ann Bartow has issues with free speech. We don't need to hear from Annie. She's got her own bad blog and she leaves comments all over the place. She's also turned herself into an internet joke click here, We don't read her, we don't take her seriously. Enjoy Keesha's amazing writing.]

That's Michaela Watkins of Saturday Night Live playing a blogger, Angie Tempura, at the website It is a funny character who does one-to-two sentence movie reviews and then hits her catch phrase, "Bitch pleeze." I thought of that when I saw Ann Bartow being her usual useless self online.

If you ever wonder why Bartow writes like a blonde, it's because she is one.

And since Michaela's funny skit aired, every time I come across Ann online, I think, "Bitch pleeze."

The porn supporting Ann Bartow (porn endorsing? porn consuming?), the continued degradation of women endorsing Ann Bartow is the problem.

All last week, Annie couldn't be bothered with the Steven D. Green War Crimes trial. If you mistakenly counted on Annie Bartow's Honky Law Professors to inform you, you were left in the dark on the trial. Those needing to play catch up should see C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot," "Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi," "Iraq snapshot," ""The silence on Abeer," "Iraq snapshot," "Green bragged about the War Crimes twice to Yribe," "Iraq snapshot," "The War Crimes trial continues" and "Iraq snapshot" as well as Evan Bright.

Now Annie and Her Posse Which Do No Thinking did have time to post on cursing and on being rubbed up against on a crowded bus or train and on Mary Wollstonecraft's birthday and beach volleyball (Ann finally noticed what many women bloggers were pointing out in 2005 regarding the difference in what men wear and what women wear) and bleaching hair 'down there' and the first UK female poet laureate (yes, that was UK, not US) and a Happy Birthday to a fellow blogger and (proving her serious side?) babies and pigs in diapers. As Michaela says, "Bitch, pleeze."

Friday night, she finally posted on Abeer.

Let's go to why.

On a Reclusive Leftist thread, this comment showed up:

Heather says:
Violet, do you remember all the ‘feminist’ bloggers (Jessica V of feministing) who couldn’t do a damn thing to call out the sexism used against Hillary?
Well they’re being silent about Abeer now. And I think it’s something you should write about here or at New Agenda. C.I. calls them out on their silence regarding the ongoing trial of the ring-leader of the gang-rape and the murderer of Abeer.14 years old and she was gang-raped and murdered by US soldiers. I really think this is something the New Agenda should be covering.
And what about our Mud Flap Girls? The ones who put the woah-is-me into ‘do-me’ feminism? The chicky-baby-boom-booms of Baby Jessica’s Feministing have gone all damn week without ever noting the trial. The losers of Feministe? Not a word. And unlike when Sandra Day O’Connor announced her retirement, no one can claim they were too busy posting vaction pictures of themselves in bikinis for two weeks to bother cover it. Feminist Law Professors? Apparently War Crimes don’t interest the gals. Melissa McEwan and her posse of useless at Shakesville? Not a damn word. But cat blogging and baby photos they have time for. Being useless they always have time for.
April 30th, 2009 at 8:42 pm EST

After the link, Heather's quoting from one of C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot"s. And if I was offended by the above, I'd probably check the link before leaving a comment. But I'm a thinking woman, a strong Black woman. Annie Bartlow's just a weak ass, dumb blonde.

The next comments on the thread include:

Violet says:
Heather, I’m no longer involved with The New Agenda.
April 30th, 2009 at 11:40 pm EST

Martha says:
1. My favorite Who song is “You Better, You Better, You Bet.”2. Abeer. I can’t believe how little coverage this is getting. If it weren’t for C.I. of The Common Ills, there would be no website covering it. I think AP is the only news outlet that has a reporter there every day. Those are war crimes and I can’t believe that, as usual, the same ‘girls’ who couldn’t defend Hillary would rather blog about cats and Lost than demand justice.3. Violet Socks, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you weren’t part of The New Agenda anymore. Are you okay?
May 1st, 2009 at 9:19 am EST

And all is fine and well on the thread until Annie Bartlow shows up. Bitch pleeze.

Ann Bartow says:
I’m unable to blog much of anything right now of any substance, for personal reasons. If Heather wants to start a blog about the Abeer trial, and do the actual work involved herself instead of using her time to flog other people, I’m sure many feminist blogs would link to it and promote it.
May 1st, 2009 at 7:03 pm EST

Well, Annie, when you ever post anything of "substance"? I've never seen it, Blondie. But you did post 26 times Monday through Friday. And you couldn't mention Abeer?

26 times, Annie.

"I'm unable to blog much of anything right now" she says. After 26 blog posts in five days. Heavens, keep her away from Twitter!

That's the posts signed by her ("Ann Bartlow") and the unsigned ones because she is the administrator. Now there were even more posts at her bad blog by other 'attorneys' and, though Ann tried to make it all about her (oooh, check out the vanity delusions on Blondie!), C.I. had called out the website.

And C.I. was right to call them out. Their name is "Feminist Law Professors." A trial, an international incident on trial, war crimes, gang-rape, murder, cover-up, conspiracy and much more. Some US soldiers already confessed to their actions and to Green's. Now Steven D. Green is on trial.

And you'd think this would be right up a blog entitled "Feminist Law Professors" alley. However, it was more important for Annie and her Posse of the Useless to instead blog about volleyball and pigs in diapers and bleaching your pubic hair and so many other 'important' topics.

Annie's a damn fool. Bitch pleeze.

After Annie left her comment, she rushed over to her blog to do a quick post Friday night. I'll get to that insulting post. But this comment really said it all:

Sameol says:
Heather may have a blog of her own, but no small blog can bring attention to the issue like the large misogynist enabling Feminist blogs, who seem to have very limited interest in this sort of thing
May 1st, 2009 at 10:55 pm EST


I left two comments. First:

Keesha says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Ann Bartlow wrote: “I’m unable to blog much of anything right now of any substance, for personal reasons. If Heather wants to start a blog about the Abeer trial, and do the actual work involved herself instead of using her time to flog other people, I’m sure many feminist blogs would link to it and promote it.”

My response? I believe Kristin Wiig says it best as her blogger character on Saturday Night Live.
Heather didn’t attack anyone. Ann needs to chill and stop her little rant.
Heather is quoting - hence the link, Ann - C.I. of The Common Ills and, guess what, C.I.’s exactly damn right.
Ann probably should have stated “I run Feminist Law Professors so allow me to throw a tantrum online.” I e-mailed Ann myself on Friday and got a response that, no surprise, she doesn’t check her mail so her inbox is stuffed and can’t accept more e-mails.
Heather doesn’t need to start a blog but I will be guest blogging about Ann at Third Estate Sunday Review.
As for covering Abeer, as damn usual, it’s C.I. that we can count on. It was C.I. in 2006, it was C.I. in 2007, it was C.I. in 2008 and it is C.I. today.
Ann? She comes over here and attacks Heather but at her own site she includes Amy Goodman’s brief headline (brought about only due to pressure on Goodman) and a link to, get this, Army Times. Yes, Ann, you do a ‘world of good’ with your link to the military - the same military that gang-raped and murdered Abeer. Go Army, eh, Ann?
Ann has become part of the problem and her snark at Heather is just another example of that.
Sameol writes, “Heather may have a blog of her own, but no small blog can bring attention to the issue like the large misogynist enabling Feminist blogs, who seem to have very limited interest in this sort of thing” Exactly. It’s amazing how people want to be in leadership roles until they’re actually expected to do something and Sameol’s characterization (”misogynist enabling Feminist blogs”) is dead on. We saw it with their attacks on Sarah Palin, with their silence while Hillary was attacked, with their refusal to offer coverage of Cynthia McKinney. They’re not ‘feminists,’ they’re women who try to impress Democratic men.
Violet, you were the only reason I had hope in New Agenda. Whether the parting was pleasant or not doesn’t matter to me. Without you to help lead it, it’s not an organization I’m interested in.If you’re hurting (which I think you might be because of the fact that this only popped up in comments) please know that many of us respect you and trust you because you have earned it time and again. Sending you a cyber hug.
May 2nd, 2009 at 2:35 pm EST

I mistakenly said it was Kristin Wiig who did the SNL character. I checked with Ava and C.I. Saturday night and they said it was Michaela Watkins.

And I do have a standing offer to guest blog here. I hadn't mentioned it but I called Dona Saturday afternoon and she said, "Write whatever you want, we'll be happy to have it."

I should have pointed out that Heather's comment and excerpting C.I. did FORCE Annie to finally mention Abeer.

I should point out here how very sad that is. We have to FORCE people to just note a gang-rape trial. Let me clarify that, we have to FORCE women. We have to FORCE supposed feminists. Bitch pleeze.

As Marcia would say, "I decided to do 'the Google'." How often have they covered Abeer at Feminist Law Professors in the last years? Answer:

Results 1 - 6 of 6 from for feminist law professors "abeer". (0.25 seconds)

"Abeer." Put it in parenthesis or you get "a beer" and all of Annie's bad writing about drinking. Some may argue, "Wait they switched their site!" They did switch it. Last year. But those six posts include 2006. So they imported their archives over to their new site.

I then did "the Google" on C.I.. Results?

Results 1 - 10 of about 381 from for "abeer". (0.20 seconds)

381 versus six. But remember boys and girls, Annie works hard. At wasting all of our time.

Abeer's been covered at many community sites and Rebecca and Elaine were posting on her back in 2006. But I know that all community sites (at my request) repost C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" any time they post. All sites but one. This one. (Yeah, Jim, we need to talk.) So I decided to compare this site to Feminist Law Professors.

I mean Ann Bartlow? Bitch pleeze.

Like that dumb blonde could hold a candle to C.I.? Bitch pleeze.

But Third only posts articles once a week. On Sundays. Hence The Third Estate Sunday Review. So Annie and Pointless Posse post little bits and pieces several times a day. Certainly Feminist Law Professors whopping SIX mentions of Abeer would top Third, right?

Bitch pleeze.

Results 1 - 10 of about 133 from for "abeer". (0.19 seconds)

Once a week. Once a week and they didn't just beat Annie a little, they slaughtered her. 133.

Annie Bartlow is the problem.

A woman well over forty, not particularly attractive (chins are supposed to have an end point), who blogs like she's a 12-year-old, Hannah Montana obsessed, little girl. Bitch pleeze.

I pointed out that I left two comments and I'll close with my second one.

Keesha says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
And one more thing. Ann wrote, “If Heather wants to start a blog about the Abeer trial, and do the actual work involved herself instead of using her time to flog other people, I’m sure many feminist blogs would link to it and promote it.” It was snark and as proof, please note than Ann did not link to C.I. who has covered the trial every day this week and goes through the court documents, ‘lawyer’ Ann, not just provides links to what someone else reported.

So here we have Heather linking to a feminist, C.I., who has covered the pursuit of justice for Abeer at least 10 times Monday through Friday. Ann knows of the link.
Ann chooses not to link to feminist C.I. (A real feminist. One who screamed loudly about the sexism aimed at Hillary and Sarah.)But she did think the ‘feminist’ thing to do was to link to Amy Goodman.
Amy Goodman isn’t a feminist. Feminists don’t make nice with Larry Flynt. Feminists don’t turn an hour over to him and when called out by the soft fluff she offered, schedule a minor follow up that’s not a full show. Feminist don’t choose to publish in Hustler magazine (search “Hustling The Left” and you’ll find about Amy and other ‘good’ lefties who thought Hustler was the place to go — only Noam Chomsky ever apologized).
And, of course, no one pimped Barack like Amy Goodman.Ann probably doesn’t know that because Ava and C.I. documented that at Third Estate. They explained how a woman working for Barack’s campaign for an entire year was brought on to ‘evaluate’ the campaigns and Amy made no sure not to disclose that as did the guest. (The guest pulled the same stunt on Charlie Rose two months after and attempted to call a White female journalist a racist because the journalist dared to point out that, in March, the primary race wasn’t over).
And of course, as they pointed out, Amy spent 2007 and 2008 repeatedly asking the few Hillary supporters she let on the show about Hillary’s 2002 vote while never asking the dozens and dozens of Barack supporters about Barack voting to fund the Iraq war.
Or how about when she finally had a PUMA on and Amy lied and said the woman had just said she’d vote for John McCain, which the woman hadn’t said.
Not getting how bad it was?
Ava and C.I. were the only ones to call out Goodman out for hawking — at a thousand dollars a pop — inuaguration ball tickets.But that’s who Ann links to. Ann’s link says a great deal.
May 2nd, 2009 at 2:44 pm EST

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