Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Cult of St. Barack

"I've learned that people only pay attention to what they discover for themselves," declares Anthony Perkins as Tuesday Weld's Pretty Poison nears its ending.

And last week, Sadder Sirota proved Tony right, showing up to suddenly call out Barack. Like Columbus, Sirota appeared to think he'd found a new world and when informed that was not the case, he grew foul mouthed and angry. And then revealed just what a Cult member he was at a time that The Cult of Saint Barack was already disgracing themselves.

Santa Barbara Mission

As Mike pointed out, Sirota insisted, "Indeed, the real hypocrites are those who insist they care about the future of this country, but either disengage or actively work to undermine a president because their favored candidate didn't win."

Really? Was that Sirota or Bill O'Reilly from 2001 through 2008?

See, we don't owe Barack a damn thing. The bum works for us, not the other way around. And it's not our job to cheerlead him or spit-shine his knob. Our job is to fight for the issues we believe in. For example, ending the illegal war. And the fact of the matter is that Barack is opposed to ending the illegal war.

That's reality and we're just some of those 'crazy peace types' that David Sirota loves to trash and has for over four years now.

It is not our job today or tomorrow to cheerlead anyone. And to suggest that those who care about the future of a country have to support a president is an argument we didn't buy into during the 2001 to 2008 occupation of the White House. We didn't buy it then, we don't buy it now.

And it's surprising to hear faux-gressive Sirota parroting right-wing talking points until you realize that's all the Cult has to offer.

Doubt it? Marcia's "Oh those idiots at Democratic Underground" and Stan's "Barack's disgusting cult" addressed another right-wing message from the Cult. Fantasizing what their Christ-child could do if only was he the dictator and not the president. And you got responses that were even more embarrassing than the question itself.

Yes, that is what the Cult did last week. They offered the fantasy of Barack as a dictator -- a fantasy they endorsed -- and they offered that it's the job of anyone who cares about their country to support whomever happens to be the president, regardless of any positions taken.

We didn't support Bush, we don't support Barack. We don't play Cult of Personality and we don't applaud intellectual midgets who are installed in order to chew away at the safety net.

In other words, we're not members of the Cult. And we won't become them.

Typical Cult member pictured in Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Little Dicky Breaks It Down"

Little Dicky Breaks It Down

That Toilet Scrubber does not resemble any of us. So sorry.
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