Sunday, November 02, 2008

Only Once (Ty, Betty, Cedric and Marcia)

One positive thing regarding the possibility Barack Obama gets elected president Tuesday is, frankly, never again.

Barack 4

As four who are Black, let's be really clear that Barack is bi-racial. But that is how he was presented and the reality is that he's an unqualified minority candidate.

Barack Obama, Clarence Thomas. They're not so very different. Thugs in the Republican Party knew that nominating Thomas would mean the liberal opposition would fall silent because Thomas was Black and White liberal guilt can always be manipulated. Two decades later, thugs in the Democratic Party use the exact same strategy to push the nomination of Barack.

It's no coincidence that both men can thank Joe Biden for their rise. Biden chaired the committee that went all soft on Clarence and Biden chaired the committee that let Barack grab show moments on those rare occasions he made it to work.

Thomas and Obama are the two laziest and idiotic men in public life. Their stupidity rivals Dostoevsky's The Idiot.

But it only happens once.

At some point, the Black community is going to be up in arms that they blew their first ona bi-racial man who doesn't represent or serve the Black community. It'll be too late when that day arrives.

It'll be too late for to explain patriotism then as well and we especially call out all Black leaders for putting the community in that position.

A bi-racial man gets African-Americans to the polls? That's a good thing?


Because what it also implies is that the Black community doesn't give a damn about the country. (And not just the Black community, but we're focusing on our own.) It says that the country and the elections didn't matter in the past and that the only reason it's really important today is because a bi-racial man (falsely billed as Black) is in the race. It's nothing but American Idol passed off as concern for the country.

And when the election's over, you better believe these issues will be raised.

And there will be no hiding behind the lie that Barack offered programs to serve the community because he did not. It's demonstrated just how shallow our community is (vote by skin shade!) and how pitiful our leadership is that we'd be hoodwinked and taken in by a candidate who never promised us a damn thing.

So two and three years from now, when the sheen and gloss if off Barack, expect to hear the difficult questions. Expect to be asked, "Do Blacks really care about the country or just themselves because, looking at the turnout in 2008, it's really doesn't appear to be the former?"

But, again, it can only happen once. Only one 'first.' Too damn bad our community decided to waste our 'first' on someone who wasn't even Black, who offered nothing to our community, and who entertained the White community by repeatedly slamming us.

One thing we hope will be loudly noted is that given the choice to support a Black woman or a bi-racial man posing as Black, the community largely went with the man -- as usual.
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