Sunday, August 31, 2008

Editorial: Ignoring the only news out of Denver

About the Democratic Party, Ralph Nader declared Wednesday in Denver, "This party is sick. It's decaying. It's lost its soul. And its leaders can't ever get up on the stage like at the Pepsi Center -- the Pepsi Center, imagine after you say 'The Pepsi Center' -- I'll bet you the tax payer built that center."

While Nader addressed issues, the Democrats vouched for Barack as 'dreamy.' Over and over. Guess what made it on air and was passed off as 'news'?

Nader continued Wednesday night:

You never talk about the poor. That's a no-no in Democratic Party dictionary. You talk about the middle class, which they've helped shrink through NAFTA and WTO and all the way they've crushed opposition to corporate power. Corporate power has crushed so much of its opposition they've brought trade unions to their knees. They've made it almost impossible for industrial or commercial workers to even form a trade union because of the Taft-Hartley Law and other obstructive laws that no other western country puts before it workers.
The Democrats are dialing for the same dollars, the same corporate dollars the Republicans are dialing for. And they don't even bother covering it up. They're being winded and dined by the corrupters, the corporate predators, the corporations who have ripped off American consumers and workers that depleted their pensions who are outsourcing your jobs when you get out of college. Who are saying to you when you get out of college, "You got a skill but try getting a good paying job, try getting affordable housing, try getting affordable health insurance, try getting anything that your forebearers were able to get." You know what you're doing? I'm talking to young people in the audience, you're the first generation that's ever polled and said they aren't going to be as well off as their parents.
And the indicators are all coming down. More and more, millions of Americans, not making a living wage, not even close. Wal-Mart wages. K-Mart wages. Millions and millions of people who have to get sick or become sicker or even die because they can't afford health insurance. Just think of that.

And the 'news' never talks about it. Not the Real Media, not Panhandle Media. Oh sure, Amy Goodman brought Ralph on for a few minutes on Thursday. She didn't play his speech. Michelle Obama's running for no office. Amy Goodman had time to play that crap. "At six-foot-six, I've often felt Craig was littler looking down on me too. But the truth is, from when we were kids and today, he wasn't looking down on me -- he was watching over me." As Ruth Conniff would have said if she had any guts or common sense: "Yuck!"

It wasn't news but Goody had time for that garbage. She just didn't have time for, you know, democracy. A rally took place in Denver Wednesday night and Goody was all about 'going to where the silences are' and yet her audience never saw it because Goody enforces the silences. Cynthia McKinney's running mate, Rosa Clemente, spoke at that Nader Super Rally. If only Rosa could have poured herself into a really tacky evening gown, got some additions and talked about how helpless she was and how BArack was just another in a long line of men who protect her, Rosa could have gotten time on Democracy Now!

Did we mention the program expanded to two hours? Monday through Friday. Ten hours. They couldn't show the rally. They couldn't report on it.

4,000 people turned out.

It wasn't news to Goody.

Going to where the gas bags are is now Goody's motto because that's all she is. The same gas bag you see on the MSM but with bad lighting, less make up and a cheaper wardrobe.

Panhandle Media no longer just re-enforces silences, it's creating them.

This Thursday (September 4th), the second Nader Super Rally takes place. It will be held at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis as the GOP convention takes place. Ralph will be there, his running mate Matt Gonzalez will be there as will Nellie McKay, Ike Reilly, Justin Jeffre, Cindy Sheehan and Jesse Ventura. And many more. Maybe the rally will see 4,000 turn out again? Maybe it will double the number?

But Real Media has never been interested in covering the Super Rallies (drop back to 2000) and Panhandle Media has decided to join them in that conspiracy of silence.

"Lies of omission," Amy Goodman says sinisterly, eyes going crossed, when speaking of The New York Times not covering something. What's her own excuse?

Two hours on Thursday. Not one report on the rally and we're supposed to be thankful she decided to allow Ralph on for a segment? Maybe we should also be thankful that, unlike his previous appearances, she didn't badger him about why he thought he had a right to run?

News happened in Denver. Goody went to Denver and offered ten embarrassing hours that added up to nothing.

It was never news, it was a cheap and tacky pageant and nothing was going to interfere with the pageantry, certainly not real issues.

A protest that was about to become news got punked. As Team Obama was being asked about the protest taking place Thursday, they quickly realized the media (Real Media) was noticing the protest. They sent a rep outside to make some mealy-mouthed statement and promise a lot of garbage. None of the promises held up. They were never going to.

The position of strength was tossed aside because Barack's going to meet! No, Barack just wanted to ensure you didn't become the front page story on Friday and not him. You were punked. You say, "We're not stopping our protests until we see some action." You don't believe the lies of a politician's staff, the vague promises.

The protesters aren't journalists. It's no surprise they were taken in by the same song and dance Cindy Sheehan once was taken in by. But supposed journalists in Panhandle Media reported it as fact Thursday and Friday.

A lot too much love and way too little reality came through last week. Journalist skepticism? Apparently on a summer break.
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