Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catching on to the Peace Resister

Poor Katty-van-van. It's never a good time to be a Peace Resister, undemocratic, bad writer posing as a journalist.


So The Nation's Katrina vanden Heuvel has been coming under increasingly public criticism. Here's a comment left at Common Dreams:

  1. coyoteteacher August 13th, 2008 1:36 pm

    As Katrina and the her Democratic Handlers trumpet their election year boldface lie-that they offer sustainable solutions for our Earth Mother=while paying lip service to those solutions and offering instead pay backs for corporate investments on from the Bio fuel, nuclear, and coal industries, thus ignoring the looming disaster with lives hanging in the balance.

    I’ve worked in the environmental movement for over twenty years and Katrina is void of any understanding of the issues - nor apparently - of the fact that Obama has been in bed with the coal industry since he entered politics. His presidential campaign has taken over half a million bucks. Obama voted for a bill augment liquid coal which produces almost three time the carbon pollution as does fossil fuels.

    My advice to Katrina is get your head out of your rectum!

Sorry, we think that would require surgery. (Katty getting her head out of her ass.) But the
love's still growing, as Carly Simon once sang. Back to Common Dreams:

  1. Huck August 13th, 2008 4:48 pm

    Katrina ought to get off her elevated perch long enough to tell the truth about Obama’s anti environmental record. But such is the nature of her LIES and OBFUSCATION in parroting the Dem company line as the soak up corporate cash and engage in GREEN WAHING! This women has absolutely no right to be posting on this site. The Nation is nothing more than an arm of the DLC apologetic so common in this moment to obscure the TRUTH about the anti environmental activities of Democrats. Wake Up people.

  1. coyoteteacher August 13th, 2008 8:56 pm

    Anan - thanks for the correction. I admit to trying to do 10 things at once when I rushed the post. The point, I was making is that Katrina tends to be the apologetic arm of the Dem Party. While she correctly critiques the Republicans and McCain, she always ignores, skips over, and avoids any negative critique of the Dems and Obama despite the fact that both are inimical to environmental sustainability. Besides Obama accepting corporate cash from the coal industry his web site policy issues assert the value of nuclear and Bio fuel. Both very bad ideas. I will assume as an educated voter that you have investigated these issues in detail, and can identify their harmful effects for yourself without some one like me holding your hand for you and leading you and Katrina through it step by painful step. Another aspect of Katrina’s agenda that you might not be familiar is her support of Pelosi and efforts to smash the candidacy of Cindy Sheehan. To you final point, I don’t see it in terms of lesser evilism, as both McCain and Obama will harm the Earth community of beings irreparably. Nor do I ascribe to the none sense puppeted ad nausea that the Party can be moved in a progressive fashion under some grand schema of infiltration. If this were true Obama would have kept his word on undermining FISA instead of voting for it; he would have attempted filibusters of extreme Supreme Court nominees Alito and Roberts; he would have taken a principled stand against Habeus Corpus and Torture; he would have voted to cut off funding of the Iraq war; instead of vote for a minimum wage Bill he would have advanced a Living Wage Bill; nor - and perhaps from a social perspective, the most egregious - he supports an insider Health care system run by the insurance industry rather than a Single Payer system predicated on socialist values like Canada, England, and France. I will be voting for Nader or McKinney whichever gets on my ballot. If you reward scum like Obama and McCain you are doomed for MORE OF THE SAME! Is that clear, tadpole?

Poor Katty-van-van. Her ears must be burning these days. John Walsh (Dissident Voice) name checked her last week as well:

What is awfully irritating is that Katrina Vanden Heuval and the rest of the "liberal" elite criticize supporters of McKinney/Clemente and Nader/Gonzalez for "wishful thinking." Compared to the sentiments and views of the supplicants' letter, supporters of third party candidates are hard core realists. And it is very sad to see some of the signatories of this letter who in better times would have been men and women who put principle over "lesser evil" politics. Read the letter carefully. Look at the signatories. It may bring tears.

Sometimes it's hard to be a Peace Resister, giving all your love to one War Hawk Man. But, bet your bottom dollar (which Katty-van-van will try to snag), she will Stand By Her Bambi. Dragging The Nation down with her.


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