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A contest, Super Duper Tuesday

Things Green, the Green Party.

First up, a contest.

Roger Snyder, Green Party of Suffolk, Chair

(631) 351-5763 / chair at gpsuffolk dot org
Kimberly Wilder, Green Party of Suffolk, Press Secretary

(631) 422-4702
Green Party of Suffolk sponsors "End Global Warming" poster contest
The Green Party of Suffolk invites everyone to showcase their artistic talent and their commitment to end global warming by entering its second annual poster contest. The contest is open to everyone. The deadline for entry is April 9, 2008. Rules and a release form are available on-line at Or, you may contact the Green Party of Suffolk at (631) 351-5763.
There is a different poster contest theme each year based on the four pillars of the Green Party: non-violence; grassroots democracy; social and economic justice; and ecological wisdom. Last year’s contest theme sought an end to the War in Iraq. The 2007 Bring Home Our Troops Poster Contest winners were: David A. Komorowski of Miller Place, Alberto C. Castro of Tennessee, and Maya Gouw of South Setauket.
The categories have been expanded in 2008 for the End Global Warming Poster Contest. Four prizes of $25 will be awarded with the first category for Fifth Grade and under; the second for Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade; the third for Ninth Grade through Twelfth Grade; and the last for Adult.
The Green Party has been at the forefront of the movement to address climate change and end global warming. The Green Party of New York State platform encourages: converting from fossil fuels; using renewable energy such as wind and solar; focusing on energy conservation; and restructuring the energy industry.
Winners of the End Global Warming Poster Contest will be announced at the Green Party of Suffolk Earth Day Fundraiser. Winners do not need to be present to claim their prize.
Green Party enrollees interested in working on this contest, or other Green Party projects, should attend the Saturday, March 8, 2008 Green party of Suffolk membership meeting at the Bellport UU. More information about the meeting and the fundraiser can be found at or by calling (631) 351-5763.
The Green Party is an alternative to the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. In New York, voters can enroll in the Green Party by checking off the "other" box on a voter registration form, and writing in the word "Green." Background: # #
"Nobody's free until everybody's free"
Kimberly Wilder

What are the local greens up to?

Great place for cultural events, letter-writing campaigns, action alerts and more:
The People's President Page: Listing almost everyone running as independent, third party, or major party candidate.

Second up, many states will be voting on Super Duper Tuesday. Here's what's happening in Illionois:

Patrick Kelly
ILGP Media Coordinator
Phil Huckelberry
Chair, ILGP Government & Elections Committee

With the recent departures of former Sen. John Edwards and Rep. Dennis
Kucinich and other candidates, the Illinois Green Party called on
progressives and populists abandoned by the Democratic and Republican
Parties to consider voting Green in Tuesday's elections, the first
statewide Green Party primary in Illinois history.
"Illinois voters who have been supporting Kucinich and Edwards will
likely find the Green presidential candidates appealing," said Phil
Huckelberry, national Green Party Co-Chair. "All of our presidential
candidates staunchly oppose the occupation of Iraq and would bring our
troops home now. Green candidates also support single-payer universal
healthcare, a living wage, and other efforts to alleviate poverty.
To supporters of the Republican Rep. Ron Paul, the Green Party is the
last best hope of bringing about a swift end to the disastrous Iraq
occupation and restoring the civil liberties that have been eroded in
the past several years through policies like the Patriot Act,
warrantless wiretapping of U.S. citizens and torture of so-called enemy combatants
-- just to name a few.
"Our refusal to accept contributions from corporations and opposition
to their consolidation of political power speaks to our genuine concern
for the people in America and across the world," said said Charlie
Howe, a local McKinney campaign organizer and candidate for state
representative (115th district).
Green Party presidential candidates on the Illinois ballot are:
KENT MESPLAY - Air Quality Inspector at the Air Pollution Control
District, San Diego, and also a Substitute Teacher; registered
Green since 1995 in California, a delegate to the Green National
Committee since 2004, and served as the President of Turtle Island
HOWIE HAWKINS (RALPH NADER) - Co-Founder of the US Green Party, a
Green activist and past U.S. Senate candidate from Syracuse, New
York, and a Co-Chair of the Draft Nader Committee has consented to
serve as a "placeholder" candidate until Ralph Nader, longtime
consumer rights activist and Green presidential nominee in 2000, who has
recently announced his presidential exploratory committee. If Nader
does declare for the Green nomination, Hawkins will pledge his
delegates to support Nader at the convention.
CYNTHIA MCKINNEY - First African-American Congresswoman from Georgia,
she served in Congress from 1993-2003 and 2005-2007. She has been an
advocate for Hurricane Katrina victims and voters disenfranchised in
the 2000 and 2004 elections.
JARED BALL - Assistant Professor of Communications Studies at Morgan
State University, an independent journalist, radio host with Pacifica
Radio Washington, DC, the Editor-at-Large of Words, Beats and Life
Global Journal of Hip-Hop Culture, and a Desert Shield / Desert Storm
Navy veteran. Jared Ball has recently withdrawn his candidacy and
has endorsed Cynthia McKinney.
Primary voters may also see the names of Green candidates for Congress,
state representative, county offices, even precinct committeeperson
offices in record numbers -- a direct result of lower ballot access
requirements earned in the the 2006 election, when Rich Whitney received 10% of the
popular vote to "establish" the party.
"The message voters sent in 2006 was very clear: It's time to change
the two-party system," said Howe. "Asking for a Green Party ballot on
Feb. 5 is the best way to begin."
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